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5 Things An MBA Offers That You Can’t Get from Work Experience

5 Things An MBA Offers That You Can’t Get from Work Experience

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela.

I choose to begin with this quote because it has always inspired me to make wise decisions.

I’ll explain…

I was fortunate enough to complete my graduation from one of the reputed colleges in the country. When I stepped out of the college, I had a lucrative job opportunity with a reputed firm. However, then, this quote notably guided me to take one of the prudent decisions of my lives. I always wanted to do something different. Though, a run-of-the-milljob was not my preference. I dreamt of ruling the market with my innovative ideas. Moreover, I knew that the then knowledge level could not serve my needs!

So, I strongly willed to pursue MBA to craft my career for a desired future.

Now I reflect that choosing MBA over the job was the most appropriate step.

Let me tell you why.

There are several things which an MBA degree offers that one can’t accrue from work experience.

They are…

Networking Opportunities: While studying MBA at SIBM, Hyderabad, I came across numerous peers from varied backgrounds and cultures, which helped me in strengthening my professional network and skill sets. I made some firm bonds which are worth to cherish life-long. Today, we are engaged in our pursuits, but still, share the same warmth in friendship.

I remember a sessions by

  1. Mr. M Radha Krishna Murthy,a Leading Labour Law Practicing Lawyer., who has given insights about current trends in Labour Laws
  2. Mr. Sanjay Devaru, spoke on Emotional Intelligence and confidence building.

Communication Skills: The present digital economy is powered by social collaboration tools and enabling technologies. I got to learn many communication and technical skills while studying MBA which are harnessed in the professional world. Contemporary organisations expect incumbents to be well- versed with these tools.

Personality Development: A management degree offers a versatile platform for personal growth. You come out as a polished and ethical professional who is ready to deal with corporate challenges creatively. It is just not easy to refine your personality while you are working.

Transferable Skills: An MBA degree equips you with varied skills and knowledge that can be utilised in multiple sectors. One can find management intellectuals in sectors like manufacturing, banking, healthcare, tourism, hospitality, education, non-profit and many more. So instead of getting caught in one sector, MBA gives you a shot to try your luck in others.

Chances to learn from Industry Experts: When I was studying, we got to learn a lot from eminent speakers, management gurus and corporate leaders. You can’t get a management lesson from a top leader if he belongs to the competitor company! While this chance is exclusively available to MBA students.

We had an opportunity to visit Industry – JK Fenner India, Where we came to know about Industry relationship and conflict management.

Decision Making Skills: MBA is a comprehensive degree that prepares students for business challenges through simulation, role-play and case-studies. The aim is to apply theoretical knowledge to practical settings. Students learn rational decision making and experience to work in teams under pressure.

Guidance from Mentors: Mentoring is a gift to students. A mentor can change your life by assisting you in making the right career decisions. However, to your surprise, this benefit is solely available to MBA students. They get the prospects of meeting highly learned people who act as right guides. I had a great luck of being a participant in a webinar by Dr. Marie-Line Germain on the importance of Corporate Leadership.

What this will mean to your life.

It is worth remembering that education is an enabler which ensures a right trajectory for your career.

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Stop chasing your dreams; instead, start living them!

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