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A Day at SIBM Hyderabad

A Day at SIBM Hyderabad

SIBM-Hyderabad: A passionate B-school that’s all about Living your best student life.

There’s more to college life here than what takes place inside the classroom. If you’re a fresher, the anxiety or the excitement is palpable. But soon, you’ll be one of the hundreds of Symbians who call the college as ‘the place’. It’s the place to push, challenge and test yourself.

Let’s give you a walkthrough of the ambitious campus.

It is evident that from day-1 you’ll be the part of a great learning community of compassionate, like-minded people working collectively in an upscale campus, situated Off Bangalore Highway, Hyderabad.

As the days progress, you’ll shortly begin to notice that the college is all about comprehensive learning and knowledge sharing. To experience the best of college life, you must be receptive to experiencing the culture, the exposure and all that it has to offer.

While our academic structure will do its course in shaping your career, you’ll be further motivated to take a leap ahead by taking innovative initiatives, opportunities to explore your personal interest and further develop your leadership and managerial skills.

If you think this is an exciting start, you’ll be surprised to see your transformation from a student to a valued professional.

Mentor-Mentee Relation

It could be a little intimidating when you’d want to reach out to our faculty members, but rest assure that when they’re in the classroom, they train you for the best in career and when they’re out of the classroom, they mentor you for life challenges. The academic tutors offer advice insights, aspiration and skills to shape a better you. Additionally, the extra learning opportunities in the form of industrial visits, summer internships, seminars, summits, guest lectures and symposiums give you a new experience, everyday.

Student Clubs: A creative learning culture

The 28+ Students Clubs and societies have something for every interest, every skill and every passion. Operated by students for students, the clubs intend to provide exclusive platforms to hone your interest in Marketing, HR, Operations, Arts, Creativity, Sports and Literature. When you join a student club at the college, it’s not just a way to make new friendships but is an excellent way to exercise your brain and learn new things.

You can also see students actively engaged in the activities of Students Council, thereby ensuring to develop a cooperative and creative learning culture for all.

Infrastructure: The Modern Gurukul

It is a fact that having B-schools in good simulative condition is decisive for students to achieve the expected academic results. The infrastructure at SIBM-Hyderabad reflects this philosophy. If you’d like to begin your research for an assignment, the Library is fully loaded with a variety of Books, Journals, Periodicals, Research Papers and Magazines to choose from. For cultural activities or guest sessions, the auditorium is massive enough to fit the budding change-makers, and Classrooms are packed with state-of-the-art features signifying the blend of technology with innovation.

The experiences are endless at SIBM-Hyderabad. It is here where your future is made today. It is certainly here where knowledge meets accomplishment and aspiration meets inspiration. At the end of the day, even surroundings inspire you to make the most of your time at the college.

Explore students’ personal stories, and how life at SIBM-Hyderabad has prepared them for their life after graduation. If you too had a rewarding experience at the college, feel free to share your story and inspire others by penning your thoughts in the comment section.

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