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A Day Worth it!!-HR Outing

Clear but not exactly sunny,

Rarest scenes when we all acted funny.

Breeze caressing our faces all over,

A day where formality turned out to be a friendly takeover!!

DSC_1045~2These words surely cannot sum up the complete day when all of us planned an outing of our own. An EXCLUSIVE ALL HR OUTING! While this was a long-awaited plan that got abated due to work and other priorities …we all finally made 16th July 2016 as HR’S Day out!

The day began when we all got decked up to paint the town red. While the way to our destination was not short we never knew how the time got passed. The journey was full of commotion, laughter, teasing and mirth and this was just the beginning! In no time we reached the venue we had booked for lunch…..oh boy! It was beautiful. Rooftop…flowing water…greenery and we sat amidst this alluring setting.  After we all got comfortable the food started to pour on those plates and in no time it was down our food pipes. We enjoyed a sumptuous meal that not only satisfied our taste buds but also our souls and the reason was NOT ONLY the food but the conversations we had.

Being in a professional environment where we all are preoccupied with so many things we hardly get to know each other and that day we let it all out…while it was amusing it was muzzling too! (Can’t share more all HR swear ;D).

After our tummies full we headed for an adventurous movie. Enjoyed like anything!

We had the time of our lives…the memories we made we all shall cherish forever and yes that feeling of making so many friends is just amazing…and we all shall reinforce this camaraderie with many more trips!!

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