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Aditya A Pawar – Shakti Woman Development Cell Head

I have done my B.B.A from Maharaja Sayjirao University of Baroda. The curiosity to know more has been an inner driving force for me.  I, Aditya A Pawar, The Head of Women Development Cell |SHAKTI| strongly believe that the women of the society today and in the past have played a vital role in shaping the future.

Women today are not followers but instead they lead by example, like ChandaKochhar, IndraNooyi and others. Women have been facing a lot of issues from different dimensions of the society. Struggling and imparting their responsibilities, whilst their efforts get nothing better than a few words in the magazine and may be showcased in some corner of a newspaper.

We at Shakti aim at developing women of our society in a holistic manner. We hope to break the stereotypes, taboos and stigmas that exist in the society against women.  We believe that men can support women.

We, at Shakti, provide platform for all the women in society to come forward and showcase their inner strengths and talents. We aim to provide a platform for discussions for all women in SIBM & SLS as the WOMEN NETWORK, which would later expand to other localities in Hyderabad. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a national platform for discussions and interactions.

We have extended our initiatives and assistance to the nearby villages as well.

We have upcoming Skill development unit for women’s of backward society on the campus. We have planned health drive during over various seasons so as to maintain their health and to educate them in order to maintain the level of hygiene and to keep their surroundings clean.

Recent events conducted:

  • Self Defence Workshop for women.
  • Clothes Drive – NGO, Goonj
  • Women’s Day Celebrations
  • Movie Screening – On Women Empowerment

Road Ahead:

  • Defining Success Forums, virtual webcasts held quarterly, feature leaders sharing their personal approaches to managing various aspects of their career journey. (Career enrichment series)
  • Form a WhatsApp/Social media group connecting women entrepreneurs, calling it as a ‘WOMEN RESOURCE GROUP’.
  • A Female Mentor will be appointed for all the women who need mentorship or guidance- through Shakti Team or SIBM Faculty Head & other faculties under the WOMEN MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME.

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