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AlumInsights – Corporate Metamorphosis

The guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Pranay Rajani (Alumni Batch of 2016-2018) on the Topic- “Corporate Metamorphosis”.

It was a session where Mr. Pranay discussed what values he was able to imbibe and how they are important for an industry professional to constantly grow while changing themselves with the dynamism of the industry.

The objective of the lecture was to know the challenges faced by our Alumni in their transformation from a young MBA Graduate to a successful corporate professional.

Students were able to know the importance of hard work, rigor and consistent perseverance in order to achieve what they want to and they were well versed in the linkage of different aspects such as role of confidence in life, multi-tasking, stress handling and physical health for meeting the demands of the constantly changing dynamics of the corporate world.

We at SIBM-Hyderabad conserve a deep relationship with our alumni because we believe they are the flag bearers of our institute.  We at every step try to engage them in everything that happens on the campus through various communication channels. We always celebrate their achievements as our own because, it goes without saying that even though they are far away from campus, they are still very much a part of our SIBM-Hyderabad family.

In the same way even our Alumni (Click to watch the video) are very enthusiastic and they leave no stone unturned to motivate the current batches. They provide us with the insights from the corporate and their personal lives which is of utmost importance for the aspiring corporate leaders of tomorrow.  

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