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An Academic Flight to Reach New Heights

5th September 2022

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”  – Malcolm X

While nobody can predict what will transpire tomorrow, having an education will consider giving you more options. So, in terms of knowledge, what you do now might unquestionably prepare us all for what the future holds. To emphasize on this point, SIBM Hyderabad organized an event, “Academic Week 2022” for the MBA batch of 2022-2024.

The event took place between 5th and 12th September 2022. The institute’s Academic Clubs participated in a week-long parody to create engaging, innovative, and challenging activities. As the students of SIBM-H competed with their other SIBM-H peers, their knowledge and problem-solving skills were tested.

The following events were held in the Lecture Theatre by the 4 Academics Club, including the Inauguration and Felicitation event:

  1. Cross-Balance (Mint Club)
  2. Op-A-Role (Op$era)
  3. Problem HouR (Humanalaya)
  4. Brand-Wars (7 PM)

Before the event, a few of us didn’t even know how to click an accurate picture using a DSLR, but with our seniors’ and team members’ help, we learned and executed well in the event.

We, the team of Pratibimb – The Photography Club of SIBM Hyderabad, had our first event to cover. We were divided into teams with 2 POCs for each event. For the first day, we got to cover for the Inauguration event, which was not up to the mark as there were a lot of mistakes, such as picture being dark, or the object was not on center, but we grasped it into our hands as we moved forward. We learned many things both as a team and also as individuals.

During the event, we had to coordinate with each other on who would take pictures from what angle or area. We had a few obstacles while using the DSLR for the very first time on how to click photographs manually and not be dependent on auto mode. At some point, clicking too many pictures became an issue as the final selection of pictures had to be evaluated among a huge amount of options.

From clicking pictures just for fun, we came a long way, and covering a professional event made us better at what we love and refined our skills in photography, as a team and as an individual. Overall, the experience of covering a professional event was simultaneously filled with joy and timidness.

Sonal Kumari
(MBA Batch 2022-24)
Pratibimb – The Photography Club

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