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An Experience like No other.

Out of nowhere we got the news of the volleyball tournament which was scheduled from 11-13th October. We all were excited to go and gain the experience and learn or to be honest go and enjoy in Pune.

Practise was decent only I would say and our only mindset was just to win the first game and that’s it, that was the goal we all had.

So here our journey starts, won our first match very convincingly and gained the confidence as well, obviously because we were in Quarters and no other team in the history of SIBM-H has ever achieved this milestone. We had the team which won against SLS-H and we all know how good is SLS-H, in our opposition but we had belief and trust in each other’s ability that we can win against this team and also this will be a very big win for us because we won against who won against SLS-H. And, simply we did ittttt!!!! Ended up in a close match but kept our nerves and did ittttt… I swear were so soooo happy because we trusted each other and nowwwww, we are in SEMIIIII’SSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!  WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEEDDDDDD???????

Our semi-final was against the team who had organised this event and obviously they had the home advantage but honestly, I am so so thankful to SLS-H for their support and guidance throughout our journeyyyyy!!

SEMI-FINAL, God I have never been the part of such a nail-biting match in my life. Both the teams won 1 each set and then the luck factor played and they won the match that too after 2 deuces. Honestly, we all were so so proud of ourselves because SLS-P was the team because they had good spikers and pretty good defence as well but I am so proud of my teammmmm and especially JUNIOURS, you did it guys!!! Lastly, we came 3rd in the tournament and surely going for GOLD next time and I am confident that junior batch will surely do ittt.

At the end I wan to thank all the stakeholders involved in making this tournament worth itttttt!

Rajat Choudhary

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