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Arts & Creativity Club – Hand Art Event

Arts & Creativity Club – Hand Art

Graffiti, the arts and creativity club of SIBM Hyderabad had conducted a fun-filled hand-art event as a part of the college’s maiden Management Fest “FIRANDE”. The event was successful with participation from 25 teams comprising of two members each from different B-schools, namely SIBM Hyderabad, SLS Hyderabad, IMT Hyderabad, NMIMS Hyderabad and SIES.

In the event, each team had to pick four chits consisting of colours and names, as per which they were provided with four colour-paints to work with. Using the same, they had to make a painting with their hands without the use of any paintbrushes. The framed sheets on which they had to paint were placed on the wall at significant heights randomly to add a fun element to the event, at the same time introducing a difficulty level to it. The participants were given a maximum time frame of 15 minutes to complete their painting.

All the participants had a gala time taking part in the event.

It was difficult to select one team as the winner since all the submissions were creative and beautiful in their own way, but the first prize was ultimately won by Gaurish Bhadekar and Ayushi Dube from SIBM Hyderabad, who won a cash prize of Rupees 1000/-.


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