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BBA Induction Event

22nd September 2022

To welcome the new and inaugural batch of BBA for Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Mélange – The Organizing Committee of SIBM Hyderabad organized a fun-filled evening for the BBA batch 2022-2025. The activities were named ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and ‘Anchor Says’.

In the first event, ‘Red Light, Green Light’ participants had to stand behind a particular line and cross the finish line without being caught by the music being played. As soon as the music stops no participants were allowed to move. It was pretty challenging not to move, even the slightest movement led to elimination which in turn led to more fun and laughter.

The second activity for the evening was ‘Anchor Says’, an amalgamation of three very popular games Beg-Borrow-Steel, Simon Says, and Treasure Hunt. Participants were divided into groups of 6 who were accompanied by a POC. They were provided with a list of 15 clues that had to be decoded and objects related to it had to be found. It was nice seeing the students engage and have a nice time along with their batchmates. From the outside, one could sense the excitement that the participants had for the ‘Anchor Says’ event especially since it was competitive and compelling. It required not only quick decoding of the clue but also on-spot thinking to find those objects. Following the different teams during their object hunt was great. Things took an interesting turn when one clue was interpreted in different ways because of which there were multiple objects found for one clue.

Since the students were new to the campus it was necessary for them to get acquainted with the campus and at the same time make them feel comfortable around their batchmates. The main aim of these activities was to make the students of SCMS, Hyderabad feel welcomed and there was no better way to do it than through fun-filled games.

Aryan Mehta
Mélange – The Organizing Committee

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