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Cancer Awareness Drive

Shakti, the Women Development Cell of SIBM Hyderabad, also known as the WDC organized a Cancer Awareness drive in the nearby village Mamidipally.

The aim behind the drive was to take a survey of the villagers hygiene habits and availability of basic facilities, and finally to raise awareness regarding cancer.

So, the team with its zealous members and ardent volunteers began the drive.

The very first constraint faced by Shakti was language. Only 3-4 volunteers knew how to speak Telegu. So the team divided itself into groups in a way that there’s at least one volunteer in each group.  Each group covered a certain part of the area. The division of the work made it easier to cover the area and the villagers seemed more approachable since our volunteers were able to converse with them in their native tongue and strike a chord with them.

The villagers were really warm and cordial. They were willing to help us in the survey and patiently answered all the questions of our questionnaire. Some of the villagers especially women were reluctant to speak with us but later became more receptive when they saw our members playing with their kids. The children were the real charmers!

Also, we were elated to know that in almost each and every house there was filtered drinking water and adequate sanitation facility. Apart from this, only a few were aware of cancer. Some perceived cancer as an illness unaware that it’s a deadly disease. Our team members with the help of volunteers were successful in disseminating knowledge regarding cancer. Our team also carried a few pictures related to cancer to make a greater impact on villagers and to make them realize the deadly effect of this disease. They were also informed about some healthy habits which they can inculcate that might help in the prevention of cancer like avoiding tobacco and alcohol, maintaining hygiene and healthy food habits.

The Cancer Awareness Drive was successful because of the team’s fervent dedication to this cause. And a big shout out to the volunteers who relentlessly dedicated themselves to this cause.

This Drive was a one of a kind experience that each participant will cherish till eternity.

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