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Choose SIBM Hyderabad For Your MBA: 4 Rock-Solid Reasons Why Should You!

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the global economy heavily resulting in a loss of over 73 lakh jobs. It comprised everyone from low-wage workers to upper-level executives. This led to a decline in demand for competent business executives including management employees.

Hopefully, as the situation is normalizing down slowly, the employment sector is expected to recover from the crisis. With the lifting restrictions, those open positions will need qualified individuals at the helm. Companies will increasingly search for practically well-versed professionals.


Need For Competent Managers

The rising need for competent professionals in the industry can be seen from the latest statistics shared by IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation). For example, a 36% rise in E-Commerce orders, a 7.3 per cent year-on-year growth in IT, and a potential growth of over 10 Lakh Crores in the Electronics sector allow management students interested in these fields to prepare for their bright future ahead. This demand is expected to skyrocket in the future years.

However, the graduates also need to be prepared for the industry’s expectations. Students graduating without any practical understanding of the industry’s working environment will struggle either to find a suitable opportunity or do justice to the profile offered. An excellent curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with a greater grasp of the business’s operational characteristics.

The practice-based training approach followed in the MBA programs raised the value of managerial capabilities within students. Professionals realize how a new graduate armed with the latest information and skills may contribute to the industry and the organization by bringing a fresh viewpoint.

Graduates from good B-schools are trained in the critical parts of the industry’s operation. This is one of the reasons why students prefer only the top-rated business schools of India for acquiring diverse managerial skills.


Choosing The Right B-School – Everything You Need To Know!

In India, the demand for the managerial role is significantly high because maximum companies look for potential leaders for controlling their organizational processes. That is why the top-notch B-schools of India are offering career focussed MBA programs for students.

Since most of the management institutes are planning to reopen their MBA admission process for the upcoming academic session, now you can initiate the process of shortlisting the B-schools for enrolling in an MBA program for the academic session 2022.

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management or SIBM Hyderabad has emerged as a leader offering industry-oriented education. Its role in preparing students to be future managers is what makes the school so popular among graduates.


What Makes SIBM Hyderabad Ideal For Your Dream MBA Program?

SIBM Hyderabad is one of those eminent and branded business institutes under the (Deemed) Symbiosis International University banner that offers quality management education.

The institute’s modern state of the art architecture and world-class facilities assure all-around development to the students. Some of the salient features offered by the institute has been discussed below in detail:

Career Intensive MBA Programs

The institute’s career intensive MBA programs offer specializations in Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR management.

Your assured takeaways from the programs:

  • Acquiring problem-solving skills.
  • Gaining decision making qualities.
  • Understanding the responsibilities of the managers in Operations, HR or Marketing to resolve the pain points in a work process.
  • Gaining leadership and cooperation skills.
  • Industry oriented workshops and guest lectures.
  • In-class debates to enhance reasoning abilities and many more.

Balancing Academics With Co-Curricular Activities

The academic module of the MBA program of the institute helps you to balance the co-curricular and academic activities suitably. As a student, you get ample opportunity to explore the diverse cultural programs of fests and events organized by the institute. That will help you to explore a spectrum of extra-curricular activities on campus.


Placement Options With Big Brands

Placement factors are one of the key reasons for which students prefer a renowned business school for doing an MBA.  SIBM Hyderabad always offers good placement opportunities with reputed organizations like TCS, KPMG, HCL, HDFC bank and many more with an attractive salary package. Those options can help you to bag better job scopes in your future career ahead.


Unique Teaching Methodology

Case Study based teaching methodology is one of the most scientifically proven teaching pedagogies in maximum Indian B-schools. In SIBM Hyderabad the case study based teaching pedagogy is followed to assure certain learning outcomes.

A Few learning outcomes from a case study based teaching methodology:

  • Understanding the problem cases, past mistakes committed by businesses and how they overcame them.
  • Enabling practical managerial knowledge to tackle real-life problems.
  • Gaining predictive analytical skills by forecasting any upcoming crisis.

Apart from this, the school also exposes students to work in live projects to enhance their professional skills in a professional work setup.

SIBM Hyderabad has been delivering quality education for the last few years and has been playing an integral role in building the career of tomorrow.

The institute has also ranked 14th in Top Eminent B-schools of Super Excellence and 2nd in Top B-schools by State Pvt.

According to Business Today Marketing And Development Research Associates (MDRA), SIBM Hyderabad ranked 4th Best B-schools as per city-wise ranking. It has also ranked 36th position within the top 100 Pvt. B-schools. The institute is also been awarded as the best B school by location – South Zone – AAA+ by Career 360.

To know more about the MBA program details, admission details, fee structure get in here… Program Overview.

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