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Cloud Kitchens- The Age of Remote Kitchens

23rd September 2022

“The food is at your doorstep”, a notification every individual who has ordered food online waits for.

India has recently experienced tremendous economic growth with new technologies being introduced rapidly. The power of technology has given rise to the concept of Cloud Kitchens.

When a food order is placed through online apps or the traditional calling system, the cloud kitchen is where the food is prepared and delivered to the customer. There is no restaurant. No fancy furniture. No ambiance. No servers. Only a kitchen that prepares food on order. In India, this technology has received a positive response.

Most people do not have the time to go out to eat after a long busy day and prefer to stay in and order food.

The players in the cloud kitchen business recognized this and saw this as an opportunity to tap into. These cloud kitchens do not have to invest in creating a nice dining room or training staff to serve customers. The main focus is preparing quality food and integrating their business with hassle-free food delivery services. It makes the business flow more manageable and advantageous for the players while lowering costs.

As this cloud kitchens are flourishing expeditiously, it looks like this industry has a bright future. It is very much possible, the players in this business can build huge facilities housing multiple cloud kitchens under a single roof. It will be exciting to see kitchens with the same parent company who share all the equipment, ingredients, and even chefs!

Harshavardhan Deshpande
MessComm- The Mess Committee

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