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Coordination at Pratibimb….

SIBM-H has always been a ground for learning and development in every field possible, and even the clubs and committees don’t fall behind. So does the photography club of the college, Pratibimb. As part of Pratibimb, it is a continuous process of working with people whenever there is a new event in the campus. Right from planning how to cover the entire event till submitting it to the PR team, it’s a whole event of getting to work with people. It so happens that there are different people assigned for different roles, where different people cover the event and different people put in the respective logos. How to cover the logos, from where and what angle to cover, how much will it be zoomed, and what kind of edit will go with the picture, is all a teamwork.

Starting from the start of the event till the end it’s a team work that helps us to excel in every event. Generally in the meeting we decide how to cover the event from which angle we have to take pictures and also we decide what are the pictures we will cover for the event. Then on the day before the event we have a dry run, this happens specially when there is an event in the auditorium. On the dry run we check the light settings and also how the props will be placed on the stage so that it can be a picture perfect setup! And also we can get assurance by this dry run that we will do less mistakes and will have less confusion.

Then on the D-day its all about the coordination, two pocs are appointed for covering the whole event and other two to shortlist the photos, editing, putting logos and finally uploading it in the drive and share it with the pr team. During the event we use two cameras one wide lens and one is zoom lens. We use wide lens to get the wider view of the stage or audience, we use it from the third row or sometimes from the back. We use the zoom lens from the corners of the auditorium to get the main object properly and clearly. We coordinate with ourselves who will take from which angle and sometimes we change the lenses by coordination. In case of events that happens in the amphi or football ground or acad block, we have the same understanding and the whole pratibimb team function the same way together. Even if two pocs are appointed, the other teams members irrespective of juniors or seniors help us and cover the event for sometime to give rest to the pocs during long tiring events. After the event we all sit together to shortlist the pictures, despite of having separate pocs.

Maybe sometimes it becomes very tiring and hectic in case of long events but we enjoy what we do as a team while covering events. We all believe it’s the team work that make every event successful and enjoyable.

Sampurna Mandal

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