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Cross-Balance – “A Recap of Financing Terms”

28th September 2022

“If you brush up on something, you refresh your memory on it.”

Mint Club – the Finance Club of SIBM Hyderabad organized an event “Cross-Balance” during the academic week. We participated in teams of three each and were the runners-up team. It was a great opportunity to brush up on our accounts and financial management skills and test our understanding of the concepts. The event had only one round in which we had two connected tasks.

Firstly, we were asked to solve a balance sheet that had missing figures with a couple of adjustments. After solving each adjustment, we had crosswords as the next stage, where the clues were given for each question. It was exciting because we had to solve adjustments to proceed with the crossword puzzle.

It was a good brainstorming session. We learned how a problem can be dealt with efficiently and how effective communication is essential while making a collective decision. Overall, it was a fun and enlightening event, and all we brought back were some new experiences.

Happy Patel and Priyanka K

MBA Batch (2022-24)

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