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Cross Balance – “Best Way To Balance Time and Team”

30th September 2022

Mint Club’s cross balance event was truly a brainstorming exercise that evaluated our understanding of numerous financial terminologies. There was game that consisted of tallying the balance sheet, this experience reminded me and a few of my teammates of how inconvenient it was for us when the balance sheet didn’t tally at one go and we had to start over, analysing every change to ensure all the duplicate entries were done correctly. The crossword problem was introduced alongside the balance sheet game. Following each adjustment we made, a statement or a clue to the crossword problem appeared. It was difficult to recall such definitions and assertions concerning accounting concepts. Just like in a balance sheet where assets and liabilities had to be balanced, similarly as a team we had to balance between our coordination and time constraint. Overall, the experience was insightful and amazing. It definitely helped us realise where we stood in terms of financial understanding. We wait for such for events to come ahead.

Pooja Thirani
MBA Batch (2022-24)

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