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Cross Cultural Conflict and Resolution by Dr. Sridhar Raj

As part of the Cross Cultural Management Course curriculum, SIBM Hyderabad HR fraternity was proud to welcome Dr. A. Sridhar Raj, Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad to deliver a guest lecture on “Cross Cultural Conflict and Resolution” on 7th August 2017 from 9:30 AM to 12:40 PM. With ample teaching experience in the field of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, Dr. Sridhar delivers training programs in communication and cultural management.

The lecture ranged from understanding the rudimentaryconcepts of Culture to intricacies of Conflict management within an organization. According to Dr. Sridhar,Conflict arises due to various difference in opinions generated throughpre conceived notions or perceptions. This was etched in the minds of the 14 HRM students of batch 2016-2018 who attended the session.

Dr. Sridharcommenced the lecture explaining the importance of “Observation” as a cardinal characteristic of an HR professional.

A critical concept to understand various cultural dimensions and its impact, The Hofstede Model was also covered by Dr. Sridhar. Situation based role plays to understand different perspectives that lead to conflict and also aspects of communication by varying multiple variables involved were also conducted.

Dr. Sridhar also emphasized on how to handle power and its implications on employees or managers and how it can slowdown the growth of the organization and kill its culture. The lecture came to an end with a brief question and answer session.


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