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First International Yoga Day

SIBM Hyderabad

SIBM – HYDERABAD Celebrated “First International Yoga Day” on 21st June 2015.

The country INDIA being the motherland of YOGA, the art of living is been given to the human wellbeing thousands of years earlier, it’s now the government has declared the World Yoga Day Celebration on 21th June. Thus, SIBM – Hyderabad joins the world in celebrating importance of yoga to the human life and character building, phenomenally. By 6.00 pm all the faculties of SIBM – Hyderabad and the new batch of students, along with all other non teaching staffs assembled in the multipurpose hall. Mr. Ashok Vankineni & Team, Bodhi Yoga Institute, Hyderabad, facilitated the yoga session with different preliminary and unique yoga practices and its importance in day today life for better living enabling healthy mind and body. The best of all was the “Surya Namaskar” procedure which made all to experience the stretch and bend the physical flexibility, which had an impact on mental entity also along with the oath to pursue yoga and be pure in thought, word and deed. Thus, the group dispersed wishing all a happy life with the practice of yoga daily, as oath and had breakfast.

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