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Culture is an expression of oneself. At Antardhwani the cultural club of SIBM Hyderabad, we express ourselves in various ways.


All world’s a stage and we’re all mere pretenders, trying to be little more than we were before. We wish to be so much more, but hold ourselves back for the fear of being harmed or judge or sometimes just because we are too nice. Scared, as we all are, we wear masks and hide. Hide behind the necessities and the niceties of the world. We all act like a more acceptable version of our self. We are all liars to some extent. When we choose to be more honest about our lies. We take the stage.
Acting is the bravest and most honest form of lying. Everyone knows we’re lying . We know they know. We keep on lying. It is a liberation.
The irony is that we become our true self while being someone we’re not. Like the greats have said, “Give a man a mask, and he’ll show you his true face”. In the midst of the drama of society, relationships, expectations and disappointments, we need something to fit. Something that is supposed to be dramatic. Something fake which screams the truth. That is what drama is to me. A shout out from deep within. The voice of oneself. An Antardhwani.

With gratitude in our hearts we celebrate the cultural club of SIBM Hyderabad, Antardhwani.


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”- Martha Graham

Dance is not just an art, but a podium to liberate yourself; freedom from all the tensions and stress in life. It is the perfect way to lift your spirits and chase away the blues. Dancing stimulates the release of endorphins, which reduces pain, and gives us a natural high in addition to increasing our metabolism and blood flow. Not only is dance good for us physically, it also affects us emotionally in a positive manner. Dance is an expression. Keeping our feelings hidden creates tension in the body and shrinks who we are, restricting our ability to express.
Life is nothing without art. Without art, we cannot express our inner selves. Dance represents so many things, from technicality to musicality to deep emotional connection.
Our dancing also depicts our psychological state. It portrays our most innocent facet. Observers can pick up emotions even if the art doesn’t consist of any facial expression. Dance is similar to language which involves feelings and past experiences.

Here, in Antardhwani, we provide ample opportunities to showcase talent which is innate and not yet been discovered.


What comes to your mind when you think about fashion? Of course, it’s hard to define fashion, as what fashion means to one person will be completely different for another. However, if I had to put into words, fashion is an extension of our identity; it is a form of an art expressed through the joy of dressing.
Fashion manifests itself in not only clothing, but also feelings. Fashion has the power to make us feel something; it can be an outlet for self-expression and empowerment. It is rightly said that fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside.

Antardhawni fashion gives us a vast opportunity where you can challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try new things, and thus give yourself confidence.


It’s not just a word . It’s a magic which is beyond humans reach. It is a perfect blend of soul and mind working together. A feeling that is beyond five senses, which even a deaf can hear, a blind can see, a dumb can express. Music reflects your emotions. A composer can easily captivate a person through his/her music. Allure the person for ages. Music is a medium of expressing the depth of feelings, which is far more powerful than words.
Pleasant music brings smile to our face but a sad music increases the pain of the situation . Music can create a mood or change a mood. It can even cure diseases. Music is in crying of a just born child. Music is in rain during a hot day. Music is in heartbeat after a workout. Music is in wind during a dry day . Beginning a day with nice music makes a lot of difference than listening to someone waking you up. A soothing music can improve our efficiency to work, heal depression and change one’s life. So music is a life giver.
Even if you close your eyes, you can see this world through music.

Being a part of Antardhwani gives us immense pleasure. Here we are given ample opportunities to work on our innate talent and groom it further with experienced guidance.


Keerthana Vartharajana, Komal Garg, Gunjan Swaroop & Anagh Goel

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