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Towards $5 Trillion Economy Fearless in the Face of Uncertainty


Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad (SIBM H) has always believed in keeping its students abreast of the worldly affairs; especially in terms of economic and corporate scenarios.

Apart from the usual academic sessions, this institute believes in enlightening and encouraging its young aspiring managers to visualize, enquire, analyse business scenarios by engaging with the corporate leaders during the duration of their MBA Management program. Interaction with the corporate leaders expose the students to contemporary business practices and provide sufficient food for thought, thus laying a strong base for incisive thinking and the conviction for the creative solutions.

One such effort is the Finance Summit from MINT Club (finance club). The MINT club works closely with the faculty and the student council to bring together the corporate and the academia to discuss on pertinent financial issues.

The second edition of Finance Summit is slated to be held 21 September, 2019, where decision makers deliberate on the matters pertaining to finance. The discussions are structured on the EIC approach bringing a holistic view of the economic conditions which extend to all the functional domains of management education i.e. MBA in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Operations.

One of India’s most loved visionary, its former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said “A developed India by 2020, or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up – and succeed.” And now India approaching the year 2020, and is at the gateway of being a developed nation. We have dared to dream, dared to have a vision and the present vision is to become a 5 trillion Dollar Economy.

In addition to this vision one requires conviction, to face the challenges to reach the goal set. With a lot of disruptions and fast changing economic conditions on the global front, we face a certain amount of uncertainty. This uncertainty seems to have been indicated by the present slowdown in growth of economy, GDP and also by the ongoing trade war which has its effects on India, thus the theme of this year’s Finance Summit is $ 5 Trillion economy- Fearless in the Face of Uncertainty.

The various speakers in this summit will speak on various aspects orbiting around this central theme. The Summit first begins with a Keynote address on The market panic –  Signs of Slowdown discussing on the signs of panic due to the slowdown in the consumption demand, the GDP growth, the ambiguity regarding the nature of this slowdown.

Then we have an address on the trade war on the global front in an address titled as Trade war and its ripples on Global Economy. Discussions on how this war between the global powers affects the global economy and how much brunt India may have to bear. Answers to lingering questions on how is India placed in this entire rift and the related aspects would also be unfurled.

Mending of Banks and Bending of NBFCs will focus on Banks and Banking that have always been troublesome words for a lay man and how deep could be the trouble if mending of banks is required to sort out the loan issues and how deep is the crisis of NBFC; such will be the issues covered in the penultimate address.

The Piece de resistance comes the panel discussion that will focus on the nucleus of this summit. The topic of discussion being The Growth Pangs of a 5 trillion-dollar economy. This discussion as the topic mentions will be about what is stopping us to achieve our goal and what can be done about it. The audience from the best B Schools of Hyderabad will get to interact with the leaders and discuss the predicaments thread bare.

This edition of Finance Summit promises to be enriching and more of a visualization of the real-life scenario and the probability of us facing it. The future is uncertain but our goals are clearly set. And in some time from now the students will be providing their contributions in achieving that goal, this alone should be sufficient to explain that how crucial this summit would be.

30 thoughts on “Towards $5 Trillion Economy Fearless in the Face of Uncertainty”

  1. It is really good to be a part of a college that provides a platform for delivering knowledge particularly in the sphere of finance and economy.

  2. Harsha Nishant Patnaik

    Kudos to the team for putting up such a great event . This shall make the students market ready .
    Looking forward.

  3. Yeah, great initiative by SIBMH and going one more step ahead this year with it’s version 2.0. Would definitely like to be a part of such an event of SIBM-HYD.

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