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Firande 2017

SIBM Hyderabad Firnade 2017Firande 2k17- The maiden management and cultural fest of Symbiosis institute of Business Management, Hyderabad kick started on 17th of January 2017. It was a two day event which will witness 14 events and 144 teams from across the country to participate in the campus round. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Saagar Rao, chairman of Global Indian Alliance. He being an alumnus of Symbiosis institute of Business Management, Pune was reliving his college days looking at all the excitement and enthusiasm portrayed by the students. He shared success stories through wit and humour and addressed this period as ‘safar khubsoorat hai, manzil se bhi’. The day will have a series of cultural and management events followed by a live band performance; of Aawaz (Jai Taneja and Band) marking the end of the first day. Some other spheres of attractions for this fest were paintball, crossfire and archery. Firande is a Swedish term for Celebration!


1. HR Club: cHakRavhyuha – Come. Break & Conquer

Humanalaya-The HR Club of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad successfully organized an event named, cHakRavhyuha- Come, Break and Conquer. The event was presided by the Head of Humanalaya, Mr. Himanshu Satpute along with his teammates: Mr. Prannoy R, Mr. Amudhan A, Mr. Achal Shah, Mr. Akshat Bhargava, Ms.Aparna L, Ms. Rajlakshmi and Ms. Shireen Namjoshi. cHakRavhyuha comprised of three dauntless yet exciting and engaging rounds : HR Talkies,P2S and The Hiring Games.HR Talkies, ideated by all the members of the club, was an online elimination round where the contesting team of 5 members was supposed to send a self-made video on The Role of HRM in an Organization. A sample video, made by Mr.Prannoy R with the assistance of Mr.Achal Shah, was mailed to the participants.

Six teams were selected for the next round: IIM Raipur, NMIMS Hyderabad, Sri Sri University, Cuttack, IMT Hyderabad and two teams from SIBM Hyderabad.

The second round P2S (Page to Stage) was an on-campus round, conducted on 17 th January2017, consisted of two sub rounds: Music Mania and Act-in. The idea of this round was suggested by Mr. Himanshu Satpute and was conducted by Ms.Shireen Namjoshi and Mr.Achal Shah. The Music Mania was further divided into two rounds; in the first round, the teams were given the clues on a piece of paper that consisted the names of bollywood actors and actresses. The participants were then asked to sing the songs of those actor and actress that were pictured together in the songs. In the second round of Music Mania, a music clip was played for the participants and the team was marked on the basis of the correct guess of the song played. In Act-in, each team was given a caselet on Employee Engagement in an Organization and was asked to enact in the role play under 15 min. P2S was judged byMs.Aparna Reddy,Associate Director-HR , GVK Biosciences and Prof Ridhi Rani. All the teams gave an innovative and creative edge to this round and their performance was splendid. The event was covered by Mr. Prannoy R.

The final round, The Hiring Games was conducted on 18 th January, 2017 for all the teams.The database preparation was majorly done by Mr. Himanshu Satpute, Mr. Prannoy R, Mr.Akshat Bhargava and Ms. Aparna L. This round was conducted by Mr. Prannoy R along with Ms. Aparna L. There were three rounds as per the level of candidates needed to be recruited.

A pool of employees was given to all the teams before each auction. Once the bid as made, it was considered to be sold if no one raised the stakes. The auctioning started with the base price as per the candidates as per his/her qualifications. The Scoring Engine was designed by Mr. Prannoy R that calculated the team’s score on the basis of the bid they made. The event was covered by Mr. Achal Shah.

The team from IIM Raipur won the First Prize Rs.20, 000, followed by the team from IMT Hyderabad and SIBM Hyderabad.

The whole event was possible because of the undivided hard work of all the team members, from ideation of name cHakRavhuya, Teaser of cHakRavhyuha and Inaugural video of Humanalaya by Mr. Prannoy R , designing of posters by Mr. Achal Shah and Mr. Amudhan A. A splendid job of Hospitality and providing Snacks and Beverages during the Rounds was done by Mr. Amudhan A .All the literary work was taken care by Ms. Shireen Namjoshi. The promotion of the event inside and outside the college and on social media was done by Mr.Himanshu Satpute and Mr. Prannoy R. The whole event wouldn’t have been possible without the immense support of Director, Deputy Director, our faculties, the Constellation Team and the Administration team. We, as a part of Humanalaya, thank all those who directly or indirectly helped us to make this event a grand success!

2. Finance Club: sHell out

The event sHell out, conducted by Mint Club of SIBM-H for the management and cultural fest Firande, had three rounds. The first round ‘FinQuiz’ was an online quiz comprising of a set of questions to be solved in a limited time. This was an elimination round and top few teams would qualify for the next round. It was held on 5th January, 2017 and 26 teams participated.

For the round 2 ‘FINNOVATE’, selected teams were required to design a financial product based on a certain criteria. The teams were judged by 2 panellists (industry +academia) on 17th January, 2017 at SIBM Hyderabad Campus.

The final round was ‘BETA MANIA’; this round involved the participants to value accompany using the techniques of corporate valuation. The teams were judged by 2 panelists (industry + academia on 18th January, 2017 at  SIBM Hyderabad Campus.

Winners: Team Chip and Dale – Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai

1 st Runners Up: Team Mavericks – IMT, Hyderabad

2 nd Runners Up: Team Punters – SIBM, Hyderabad

3. Operations club: OPERAZIONE

OP$-ERA the Operations club of SIBM –Hyderabad organized an academic event for our first college management fest – FIRANDE 2017.The event involved 5rounds in total. The first round was an online elimination round and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds were on campus rounds. 30 Teams from all over the country participated and fought till the finish for prizes worth 40 thousand Rupees. The details of each round are as mentioned below:

1 st Round (Quiz – Online Elimination) :

This round had 30 questions –both multiple choice and open ended questions-which tested the core technical knowledge of the participants. Based on the scores obtained by the teams, 6 teams were shortlisted for the remaining round sat the SIBM campus.

Firande Day 1: 2 ND Round (The Pizza Factory ) :

This round was aimed at testing the execution and management skills of the participants. The theme was to give the teams a feel of how a company manages production of products (Pizzas). Teams where given the production flow where they had to make pizzas by purchasing raw material and sell the pizzas which resulted in profits/losses. There were also uncertainties like Demand fluctuation and time constraints that were involved in the competition. The team that made the maximum profit was declared as the winner for this particular round.

Firande Day 1: 3 RD Round (The Clay House):

In this round, the teams were provided with material like spaghetti sticks, threads, cello tape, and clay. The teams were required to make a house and balance the clay ball on top of the structure. This game basically tested the planning and creative execution of the participating teams. Height of the structure prepared was the criteria to rank the teams at the end of the round.

Firande Day 2: 4 TH Round (Role Play competition):

This round conducted on the second day of the fest tested the innovation, strategy and creative problem solving skills of the participants. The teams’ were given a practical real life production problem which the participants had to enact and present as a solution to the judges. We invited Mr. Santosh Rupani (Head Supply chain) from EPAM Corporation and Mr. Shyamsunder Chitta (Head of academics SIBM –Hyd) as the judges for this round. Teams fought to give their best and came up with really innovative solutions to give a tough competition to each other in this round. The judgment criterion for this round was based on three parameters – Creativity, Strategy and Innovative solution.

Firande Day 2: 5th Round ( The Symbi Pharma Inc) :

The final round was the most challenging round of the entire event. It dealt with core operations concepts. We created an entire setup of the pharmaceutical production industry. The teams were required to make crucial operational decisions. We introduced many concepts like changeover costs, maintenance costs, production capacity planning etc. which made the game even more interesting. The main testing areas for this round was the ability of the participants to work as a team and show their managerial abilities. They also had to manage uncertainties in inventory management and demand planning. This game was the icing on the cake for our event and got thumbs up from all the participating teams.

Results: After compiling the results of all the rounds, the following teams were declared as the winners of the event:

1st Team –IIM Raipur (Prize: Rs. 20,000/-)

2nd Team –NMIMS Hyderabad (Prize: Rs. 15,000/-)

3rd Team –Welingker Mumbai (Prize: Rs. 5,000/-)

4. Marketing club: BIG SPiN

Big Spin, an event by the 7PM team is the first of its kind with a combination of rounds that brought in a lot of excitement during the management fest. Rounds of this event went in the following manner:

Round 1:

The first round was an online round that was held on the 6 th of Jan. This was a relegation round where in the top 8 teams were selected from across the country. The teams that were went through to the second round were IBS Hyd, IMT Hyd, SDIMD Mysore, Welingkar Mumbai team1, Welingkar team 2, VJIM hyd, SCMHRD, SIMC Pune.

Round 2:

This round was held on the 17 th Jan and it consisted of 3 phases. The 1st  phase consisted of buzzer round, wherein each team will be given a chance to answer the question put across to them simultaneously. The team that hits the buzzer first gets to answer the question.

The 2nd phase consisted of product and concept. Here every team will have to pick up an envelope which would have a product and concept enclosed. The products and the concept will be contrasting in nature. For Ex: Johnnie Walker (Product) and Ethical marketing (Concept).

The idea is to give the participants a constraint in the form of concept that they need to use to market the product. The 3rd phase consists of brand wars. Here 2 teams will be given similar products which are competing in nature. For example Munch and Perk, One team will be given munch and the other team will be given perk. Both the teams will have to speak in favour of the product given to them and should speak against the rival team’s product. The judges marked them on the basis of product knowledge, convincing skills and communication.

We followed a cumulative point system where all the 8 teams went to the final round.

Round 3: (Final Round)

The final round consisted of 2 phases.

In the 1st phase every team is asked to choose an envelope wherein each of it will have a series of one word answer. Each envelope has a set of 5 questions. For every right answer, the team gets2 points and for every wrong answer, the team will have 1 point deducted from its account.2nd phase consisted of video advertisement. Every team is given the task by giving them a product and they have to make an advertisement of not more than 1 minute. The team once it is ready with the video should come and present it in the class. This way all the teams’ presented their product through advertisement.


  1. SCMHRD (1st prize)
  2. IBS, Hyd (1st Runner up)
  3. Welinkar Mumbai team 2 (2nd Runner up)


The registrations and first online round started on 24th December, where the participants had to submit a one page summary on their start-up idea. The number of teams registered for the event was 28, where 17 teams took part in the 1 st round and 10 teams got shortlisted. There were various colleges from all over the country like IIT Kharagpur, K.J Soumaya, L. N. Welingkar Institute, SIIB,SCMHRD and many more.

The shortlisted teams who had given a confirmation where invited to the on campus rounds which took place on 17th and 18th Jan 2017. On 17th, we had the second round named ‘Jugaad’ where the participants had to design marketing campaign for their start-up idea, which involved making use of the resources that was provided to them. On 18th  the participants had to present their start-up idea in front of 6 judges which included Dr .C .V Ramana, Vinutha Ralapalli, Avik Mitra, Vivek Jaiswal, ChakraAdari and Padmavathi Srinivasan.

1st prize for a cash prize of 15000 – Shashanka Shekhar from K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Mumbai

2nd prize for a cash prize of 10000 – Axay Devlekar and Raghav Gupta from Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune

3rd prize for a cash prize of 5000 – Ashish Chauhan and Diksha Agnihotri from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad

6. ISR Club: Let’s Connect

    SAHAAYATA – The ISR club of SIBM-Hyderabad Let’s Connect ~ A social linkage among the students, the community and socially responsible corporates. An event which was fun filled most exciting, creativity.

As a club, we believe that it is an individual’s responsibility to make the world a better place to live and save the resources for the future generations. Our event comprises 2 on-campus rounds.

ROUND 1: The teams were required to write their own perspective about a given picture in five minutes.

ROUND 2: The teams were required to shoot a short video in 30 minutes on the spot on given topic. The winners will be decided based on the originality of idea and relevance of video submitted.

After round 1 and round 2, cumulative marking was done by our jury panel comprising of Prof Sunil B. and Prof Priya Iyengar. The first prize went to IBS-Hyderabad while the second prize went to SIBM-Hyderabad.

The total teams (2 per team) for our event was 11.

7.Messcom: Gourmet Battle

               Gourmet battle (cooking competition) was conducted on 17 th January, 2017 by Mess Committee (Messcom) of SIBM-Hyderabad during a 2 day fest. The event took place in Mess of SIBM which started at 2:30 pm till 5 pm. The total number of teams participated in the event were 24having 2 members each. Various B-School students participated in the event i.e. IMT Hyderabad, IBS Hyderabad, SIBM-Hyderabad, and VJIMS. Gourmet Battle had 2 rounds. In the first round the participants were required to taste a dish given to them and had to guess its ingredients in 3 minutes. The participants were blindfolded for first round. Based on the participants’ score in round 1, 5 teams were selected for next round. Next was a cooking round where participants were given several ingredients and they had to choose 7 from them and make a dish of their own choice. The total time allotted for preparing a dish was 35 minutes. A food expert/reviewer was called up to judge the whole event. Round 2 had 2 teams from IBS, 1 team from IMT and 2 teams from SIBM-Hyderabad. Based on the judge’s evaluation, the Winners of

Gourmet Battle was won by Krishna Kanth Soni and Navneet Agarwal from IBS Hyderabad. The runners up were Ankit Kapoor and Kush from SIBM-Hyderabad. The winners were awarded the cash prize of Rs.7000 and runners up were awarded the cash prize of Rs.5000. The results were declared on 18th January, 2017 during the closing ceremony.

Overall the event was a big success as it is generally not practiced by other B-Schools. Therefore participants were enthusiastic to do something new and different.

8. CIC: Samvaad

Samvaad is the flagship event of the Corporate Interaction of SIBM-H.

The 2 day extravaganza tested the managerial skills of the participants via an online case, quiz and an exciting treasure hunt. The winners had a chance to win a grand prize worth 20K.

The tagline of the event was “Think like a manager and be a part of Samvaad”. 14 teams registered for Samvaad and out of 14 teams 6 teams came to campus for further rounds. The first round was a real time business scenario. The second round was Business Quiz in which SIES, Mumbai were leading. The third and final round was Treasure hunt which was planned by all the CIC members. We promoted our event on a large scale basis and invited almost 80+ colleges from all over India. Colleges like IMT Hyderabad, SIES Mumbai, SIBM Hyderabad, and Manage Hyderabad participated in Samvaad. The winners of samvaad are as follows:

1) SIES, Mumbai- Rs.10, 000

2) IMT, Hyderabad- Rs.7000

3) SIBM, Hyderabad- Rs.3000

9.Literature Club: Wordsworth

InkQuisitive, the literature club of SIBM H conducted two events. The 1st event was WordsWorth were the participants were given a monstrous word and they had to create smaller & meaningful words within a certain time limit given to them. The event was split into 2 rounds as follows:

Round 1: Give Word: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis
Form 5 – 8 lettered words using the alphabets in the above mentioned word within 4 minutes

Round 2: Given Word: Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism
Form 4 – 7 lettered words using the alphabets in the above mentioned word within 3.30 minutes

There were 14 teams with 2 members each who participated in this event. The marks were given according to the alphabets used in every word.
The first prize was won by team “Wordsmith” of IIM Raipur followed by the runner’s up position clenched by team “Seegar” of IBS Hyderabad. They won a cash prize worth Rs.5000/- & Rs.2500/- respectively

10.Literature Club – Mock Press

    InkQuisitive, the literature club of SIBM H conducted two events. The 2nd event was Mock Press were the participants will put themselves in the shoes of the prescribed personality & feel the heat and stress of the situation in the shower of questions asked by a team of reporters. This will check the stress handling, presence of mind & knowledge about the personalities given to the participants.
It’s was in individual involvement and a total of 10 participants participated in the event.
They were 3 questions of which 2 were factual about the personality while 1 was situational. Each question carried 10 marks.

P. Sanjay Sreekumar of IMT Hyderabad won the 1st prize followed by Sheikh Taahir of SIBM Hyderabad who won the runner’s up prize. They were awarded a cash prize of Rs.5000/- & Rs.2500/- respectively

11.Photography Club – Click-O-Ment

    Pratibimb SIBM-H Photography Club organized Click-O- Ment event in the college’s maiden Management Fest “FIRANDE”. The event was a grand success with colleges participating from all over the country. The list includes IIM Shillong, IIM Ranchi, FMS Delhi, IIT Bombay, IBS Hyderabad are few to name.

The event comprised of two rounds on campus. In first round the participants had to capture using their imagination and art on the themes. The themes were ‘Macro”, ‘Mood/Emotions”, and ‘Abstract’. The participants were given 45 minutes to capture the photos and submit to the judge. The participants were tactful and did a wonderful job.
The second round tested the creative side of the participants, where to make things more interesting they had to pick two different alphabets randomly and click pictures that could best relate to the alphabet chosen by them. They were given 120 minutes to complete this round.

The tough part was yet to arrive, where the judge had to select the winning pictures. All the participants did a great job and put in all their efforts. It was not an easy decision but finally the first prize was bagged by Neelaksh Choudhary from IBS Hyderabad who won a cash prize of 7000 rupees and the first runners-up was Ritwik Tandon from SLS Hyderabad, who won a cash prize of 5000 rupees.

12. Public Relations Club – Twist It Your Way

Hashtag, the PR club of SIBM – H had conducted an event called “Twist it your way” where Participants had to share their experience and moments of joy spent during Firande, the Management and Cultural fest. The participants had to tweet regarding their experiences in various events of the fest which were accepted both in the form of pictures and written tweets.

The event had an overwhelming response from students of various collages. A total of 1100-1200 tweets were done by 15-16 participants.

Winner: Krishna Soni (IBS Hyderabad) -252 tweets

Runner Up: Sheikh Taahir Sadiq (SIBM Hyderabad)-250 tweets

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