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Five Tech Skills Every MBA Student Should Know

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Five Tech Skills Every MBA Student Should Know

“Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you’re going to left behind”-Philip Green.

Rightly said, isn’t it?

Technology is part and parcel of the modern digitised life. Whether you intend to start a business or seek to craft your career with one of the top MNCs, one thing you can’t ignore is the impact and influence of technology.

Can you imagine what could be the response if this topic had surfaced a decade ago?

Yes, you get it right!

Technology and technical skills did not matter too much for MBA aspirants in those days for the obvious reasons.However, being a significant part of the digital economy; you just can’t avoid learning the technical skills.

If you want to have an edge on the competition, you need to make sure you’re receiving enough tutoring about technology as well as more traditional business skills.

So, this is the time for you to load your quiver with some dignified tech arrows to win the game! Technical competencies can help you to attain a competitive edge when you face an interview. Companies nowadays prefer to pick candidates equipped with technical knowledge. Brainy candidate with polished technical skills knows how to allure and delight their customers using the sophisticated tools and technologies.

Hence, let’s have a look at the five most essential tech skills every MBA student should know:

  1. Social Networking with Netiquettes

Social media is one of the most effective and accessed platforms for doing serious business networking. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are some famous names on the list. Every MBA aspirant must know how to utilise these platforms for building a positive image and connecting with professionals. However, watch out for the proper code of conduct while you communicate with peers, colleagues, professors, and mentors. Hence, it is equally critical to maintain a certain dignity while communicating to be categorised as a polished professional.

Must watch! Interaction with Mr. V. R Rajesh, of Ogilvy & Mather, India during SYMBI TALKS.

  1. Project Management Skills

You must be wondering what makes me put special emphasis on this. Well, you must know that a successful project manager is the one who is proficient in statistical analysis, quality control, scheduling software, data analytics, scrum methodology, risk analysis reports and many more. Employers always dream of candidates who can manage projects efficiently. So, start learning these skills to increase your employability.

  1. Understanding Analytics

Analytics is the new buzzword. Data is a valuable asset that helps companies to remain proactive in serving customers with tailor-made offerings. You can begin by understanding Google Analytics. This skill enhances your decision-making capabilities and is transferable to any job you pick. Speaking of which, the consultancy assignments are an integral part of the SIBM-H’s activities which are primarily aimed to improve management practices in business, industry and the government.

  1. Working with Cloud-based Applications

Have you heard of the most up-to-date Office applications, Microsoft Office 365? It is a word-processing cloud application that enhances data security and enables data sharing. Employers expect MBA students to be well-versed with these applications for a rapid response to business needs.

  1. Handling Virtual Meetings

Working with a foreign client from home country and meeting with virtual teams have become increasingly popular in multi-national enterprises. Knowing video conferencing techniques and etiquettes can elevate your communication skills in such conferences.

Want to know the best part?

These vital tech skills mentioned have helped me to handle some of the basic technological requirements that at some point we all are likely to encounter in the world of business. And I was fortunate to learn these skills at SIBM-Hyderabad. I’ve enhanced my technical skills for today’s marketplace, based on the advanced education received around the latest thinking in business strategy.

Think about that for a minute!

MBA at SIBM-Hyderabad is a life-changing experience. The MBA programme takes a holistic approach to education providing a broad understanding of business and management concepts with a strong focus on business strategy formulation and execution. SIBM-Hyderabad helps to challenge your thinking, refine your decision-making, extend your leadership skills and help you develop and strengthen your networks.

– Mr. Pranay Rajani,
MBA 2016-18 Batch.

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