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Future of Events and Projects

By: Aditya

Photography can be a lonely, but there is no reason why that has to be the case. Of course, there are many that enjoy the solitude.

1 – Create a photo grind with other members

One of the easiest and most informal types of group photography event is the photo walk. The nice thing about a photo walk is each participant can go at their own pace. The general idea is to have a start point, a finish point, and a time limit. We may choose to walk together as a group, or split off individually.

There may be some members who pass on tips to other members, making this type of event an informal workshop. At the end of the walk, we will take some time to get to know our fellow photographers by having a meal, or stopping for a drink somewhere. Finally, share the photos they’ve taken that day.

2 – Photography projects

The idea at the end is to have a body of work under a common theme taken by every member of the group. A project like this could well lead to a group exhibition or a collaborative photography book.

  • 365 days or 52 weeks – Instead of working on our own project share it with others, and ask them to make photographs on the same theme as their own!  
  • Food photography – Everyone loves good food, so combine this with photography. Each photographer can pick a country. Then make food from that country, and photograph it. We could even make this into an magazine.  

 3– A photography team

There are times when forming a photography team will give you the edge as a photographer. The more we move into the commercial world of photography the more this becomes a need, as we can’t be everywhere all the time. Think of events like fest, sports, or festivals. The need to cover all our angles means teaming up with other photographers so they can be where we’re not.

  • Event photography specialization – Having more than one photographer allows one of us to concentrate on the wider scene, while the other covers moments closer to the action. Think of when tennis players go from singles to playing in pairs on a team. In doubles they have different roles and need to complement each other.
  • Portrait photography – Another great example of when a team of photographers is needed is portrait work with strobes.

4– Weekly challenges

Weekly challenges are a good way to do group photography on an individual basis, and we can decide to opt out of weeks that are not our style.

It’s of course, possible to organize these on a more local level, where perhaps we will meet up together once a week to make our own challenge.

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