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Good Managers vs Bad Managers: Which One Are You?

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Good Managers vs Bad Managers - Which One Are You

A manager is someone who manages the resources and gets things done in a prescribed manner.

Well, everyone is aware of this simple definition. However, have you ever tried to read between the lines? Have you ever thought about how tough it can be to be an effective manager? Or what it takes to be a good manager.

The piece of writing is highly significant for those who are about to finish their master’s degree in business administration. Undoubtedly, they will soon be landing on a job and working as a manager with one of the established companies.

So, it is vital for you to define and differentiate between a good and a bad manager.

Understand the difference

Gino Wickman and Rene Boer in their book, How to be a Great Boss, write that one can only be a good boss or a manager when he possesses the emotional, intellectual, physical and time capacity along with the ability and willingness to become one.

Let’s try to draw a line between a good and a bad manager.

Top qualities of excellent managers:

  • Delegate: They delegate work to their subordinates and empower them to make their own decisions based on creativity and experimentation.
  • Communicate: They are effective communicators and maintain a two-way communication with their team including constructive feedback and ideas for improvement.
  • Share Information: They understand the value of timely and relevant information and pass it on to their team members and keep them updated with latest happenings.
  • Mentor: They coach their subordinates and help them to develop as individuals. These managers share their experience with employees and facilitate a culture of learning and collaborating.
  • Motivate: They’re the ones who encourage their subordinates to perform above the standards and work jointly to achieve the team and individual goals.
  • Empathise: They listen to their employees and understand their situation and are always accessible and ready to help them.
  • Remain Accountable: They take responsibility for the actions of their team and remain answerable for the goals and the objectives.
  • Rational decision making: They rely on their hunch and statistical facts and data to arrive at a sensible decision.

As you can see, the art of managing is composed of numerous activities that good managers practice to achieve the desired results.

Acquiring these cognitive and affective skills with experience is possible. However, a significant portion of skills can be learned while pursuing a management degree from credible B-Schools.

So, what precisely Bad Managers do?

Bad managers are the ones who do not exhibit the mentioned above traits. But there is a lot more to it.

Self Obsessed: These kinds of managers love themselves more than anything. They think they do everything with perfection and nobody can teach them.

Dictator: They treat their people as a means to an end and not an end themselves, and usually exercise their power to dominate people.

Inaccessible: They’re generally unapproachable. Discussing problems with them is futile.

Biased: They do not act impartially and only promote their protégé. They’re mostly surrounded by manipulative and fake people.

Uncompassionate: They’re heartless. They possess no kindness and do not show any concern.

Plagiarist: They are known for taking credit for others’ work. Many a times, they do not hesitate in overshadowing others work with their label.

It is evident how bad managers are malicious and destroy the work culture. Their presence creates dysfunctional team characterised by conflict and mistrust.

By now, you must be able to find out where you lie on the continuum!

Develop a Unique Manager within You

You can always create your way to manage tangible and intangible resources. It is essential to understand that good managers act as a catalyst for team and organisation’s success.

Explore your personality and find out where you lack!

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