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Growing Concern of Entrepreneurship

How to be a Good Leader

The fruit of freedom we enjoy from the tree called India has its roots in its struggle for independence. The freedom to speak, the freedom to practice any art, the freedom to be ourselves is the crux of independence.  Likewise, the freedom to start our own industry, the freedom to pursue our dreams, the freedom to aspire and achieve big is what we are into right now.  From being a working class, India has evolved herself and is emerging into a giant in all the fields.

The ancient India has always been on the giving side by enlightening the world with the abundant amount of knowledge and values. Now she is regaining the same status after struggling a lot to clear the debris thrown upon her by the British Invasion. India now is expanding her branches of industries and holds herself high with pride and honor that one day she will become the giant and get back to her olden days. Thanks to the likes of the Tatas and Birlas who envisioned this growth and orchestrated this country to become a benefactor from being a beneficiary.

India has equipped herself with being a job doer to a job creator. The number of startups that have emerged substantiates the same. India, the largest productive market, offers umpteen opportunities for entrepreneurship. The Government of India’s Think tank, the NITI Ayog has formulated a lot of regulations to facilitate the start-up culture and the response is high. More than money and numbers, one needs determination and patience to get their startup flourish. With a number of young aspirants and the number one country across the globe in terms of demographic dividend and the advent of digitalization, I hope that India has the capability in it to do so. Even the Tatas and Birlas started their company in a humble way, the rest is well-known. Let’s make history and be a part of India’s emergence.

Jai Hind.


By Gosakan Varadharajan

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