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Hashtag’s role at SymbiTalks 8.0

When I initially embarked on my journey at SIBM Hyderabad, I had high hopes and aspirations. I knew the institution would offer numerous opportunities, yet I had doubts about whether I could truly unlock my full potential and uncover my strengths and weaknesses. Joining various clubs and committees became my way of testing my capabilities and readiness for the corporate world. I’m immensely grateful for all the experiences that SIBM Hyderabad has given me. One such opportunity that I cherish was my involvement with the SIBM Hyderabad Hashtag-PR and Web Committee during SymbiTalks 8.0, held on September 11th and 12th, 2023. This event provided a platform for corporate leaders to share their insightful journeys under the theme “This is My Story.” My role within the Hashtag team allowed me to play an important part in the event’s success. Through PR bytes, I engaged directly with the Vice President of an esteemed organization. We collectively managed the event’s coverage on SIBM H’s official social media platforms. This experience taught me the true value of teamwork, the demands of real-time coordination, the importance of taking ownership of tasks, and the art of effective communication, especially when asking relevant and sincere questions during the event. Also, I delved into the behind-the-scenes of event organization while collaborating seamlessly with other clubs and committees. This lifetime experience at SIBM Hyderabad has helped me expand my potential and also equip myself with a diverse skill set, which will help me in my personal and professional growth. I am extremely grateful to the Hashtag- PR and web Committee of SIBM Hyderabad for giving me this opportunity which will definitely help me to develop my overall personality. I am looking forward to many more opportunities and learnings ahead.

Bhumika Bais

Member of Hashtag & PR Web Committee

SIBM – Hyderabad

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