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Hide & Seek – A War Among Brands

30th September 2022

It was a collaborative event, where we collected the data points and the content for the product Hide & Seek which was given to our team for the event Brand Wars. We were really pleased with how the presentation landed and hung together. From this event, we learned the ability to collaborate with team
members. It becomes better through sharing knowledge, insights, and information so we could better understand the competitive points and where to use them during the presentation.

Also, making a digital video from the Canva poster was a very creative and brainstorming task. This gave us an opportunity to showcase our creativity and imagination so as to present our brand image and jingles which in turn promoted our product – Hide & Seek. In addition to that, we wrote our brand
name on a paper photo frame and clicked a lot of photos together.

Lastly, I would say that it was a very insightful and exciting event by 7 PM – The Marketing Club of SIBM Hyderabad.

Sushree Swagatika Bastia
MBA Batch (2022-2024)

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