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How SIBM-H’s MBA Marketing Program Can Change a Student’s Life?

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During my childhood days, I would love to tag along with my parents for weekly purchasing trips to markets. The reason being, I enjoyed the communication skills, the various tactics of product promotion, sales and so on. Years later, I said ‘this is what I want to do!”

And another year later, I pursued SIBM-H’s MBA in Marketing course.

SIBM-H MBA in Marketing

Product management, market research, and consumer trends were my undiscovered strengths and SIBM-H’s MBA in marketing course further polished it. Through the course, I learned advertising, effective product promotion, along with mastering effective communication and how to streamline creative marketing ideas into successful products and services.

“The best about my experience was being able to think like a general manager and evaluate business problems from multiple points of view.”

Personal & Professional Development

Earning an MBA in Marketing promotes a satisfying, successful career in this exciting medium. Marketing specialties need professionals ready to face and conquer an ever-changing, marketing sector. They need you and me. With an MBA in Marketing, Iwas prepared to meet the ongoing challenges of this dynamic field.

“One day I’m digging into code building a website, and the next I’m designing a billboard ad. I love the flexibility and the challenge.”

Preparing for Future

Marketing is a far-flung field.SIBM-H curriculum, faculties are aware of the insatiable hunger of the corporate hubs.Thus, the pedagogy is delivered to make uswell-versed with the subject and is likely to find various takers.Prof. Aarti Sharma’sunique theories on selling skills, creativity, and innovation bring undiscovered ideologies on the table.

 “I am prepared for the future as I’ve gained a thorough grasp of marketing in different mediums.”

A Large Network

 Best learning resources, industry exposure, strong international students’ alumni network, a global recognition, and above all, a truly enriching Indian experience, equals to studying at SIBM-H. I would like to mention a special Industry & Academia Interaction I witnessed of Mr. S. Sivakumar, The Group Head of Agri & IT Businesses of ITC Limited. Thought provoking & eye-opening!

Where I am today…

From day one, I’ve learned skills and knowledge which I can apply immediately. By the end of my MBA, I had attended remarkable workshops, guest lectures, and this experience was priceless.I think having an MBA is like having decoration on the shoulder and proves you have a certain level of intelligence and capability.

 “In my current role, I frequently draw on the courses I studied during the MBA. For example, once a month I sit down and review customers’ financial reports.You would say, “Your life is changed”. I would say, “It’s a 360-degree change!”

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