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How To Stimulate Fresh Thinking For Events

Behind the Scenes

This is no easy task, right from idea generation to execution, each and every step requires utmost attention in terms of planning till the delivery. Events need to be organized from the perspective of creating lifetime memories for people and should create a wonderful experience.

The picture is not as rosy as it seems to be, lets look into the details that goes into this.

  1. Idea Generation– This is the backbone of planning. During this stage, there are a number of amazing ideas overflowing. To select and focus on one doable idea amongst a pool is a daunting task. This is the halfway mark to getting the event properly executed.
  2. Planning – “Hard work only pays off when it meets the right plan of action.” ― Edmond Mbiaka.

Now that we have a clear picture, major task would be to set out the budget keeping in mind the different constraints and give as economic a budget as possible. Also to frame a blueprint, and assign duties according to one’s strength.

  1. Supervision– Once we have assigned the tasks to all, next comes the supervision, whether all the responsibilities are being carried out meticulously.
  2. Trial – Practice makes man perfect, that’s the whole essence of trial. Planning out activities by the minute and sticking to it is not so easy when it comes to the actual execution. A minute to minute agenda is prepared, and communicated to all the members which is to be followed for smooth execution.
  3. D Day – Time has come to reap benefits of all the hard work put in. But the scenario is not exactly the same, there are situations which haven’t been planned for, the best piece of free advice here would be not to panic, rather take it up with a cool head and execute flawlessly.

Stimulate Fresh Thinking for Events

There are routine events and out of the box events. The whole idea behind the routine event is to keep it short and exciting following what has been religiously followed, but with a twist. We are constantly competing with ourselves to deliver a better experience time and again.  Out of the box events are similar to accidental inventions, which leaves the audience mesmerized.

All this boils down to one thing


To make a ripe ground for originality you should sustain the psyche with new data. There are heaps of approaches:

– Read a book or a blog regarding a matter you don’t ordinarily read. In the event that you for the most part read life stories attempt sci-fi. In the event that you ordinarily read sentiment, read business.

– Meet new individuals. Try meeting another person consistently and make a special effort to meet individuals with various suppositions to you.

– Change your condition: Pick up your portable workstation and work in a coffee house for a couple of hours. Go to an alternate coffee house every week.

– At your next office meeting sit in an alternate seat to regular. On the off chance that you are normally tranquil – talk up. In the event that you are normally boisterous – be tranquil and tune in.

Figure out how to cook Egyptian Cuisine, think, figure out how to tango, visit a workmanship exhibition or attempt Bird watching. There are several new things to do. The fact of the matter is not picking the correct one, but rather to take a stab at something new.



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