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Importance of Discipline in everyday life

26th September 2022

Discipline – A term that’s so frequently used in everyday life under a plethora of situations that it indeed has become a common word. Having said that, it does have a distinctive definition,

“The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.”  

The above quote is the definition of discipline, what it actually means is that it is “a set of rules and regulations which are to be followed while undergoing any task or activity.” It is a method of being truthful, hardworking, driven, and encouraged when performing any assignment.

The importance of discipline in the day-to-day life is quite impactful as well, Discipline helps us develop order, efficiency, punctuality, and organization, and helps us focus on our tasks rather than procrastinating and wasting time which could be used in some other productive way.

Discipline teaches people how to conduct their lives more efficiently and successfully. When you have discipline in your life, you may make little sacrifices now for a better life later. Discipline develops habits, habits develop routines, and routines establish who you are on a daily basis.

Some of the Examples through which we can measure the importance of Discipline in everyday life:

  • Practice: Practice brings harmony and structure to a person’s life. It teaches someone to accept responsibility and treat others with respect. The foundation of civilization is the observance of clearly stated laws. People would act however they please and make mistakes without thinking if the structure wasn’t built. It makes it easier for us to do good deeds and improve humanity, making it a better place to live and work.
  • An individual can function faithfully, strictly, and in a controlled manner if they have the ability to self-regulate. The absence of this ability could have disastrous results. Do you assume that a company would hire someone who often arrives late to work or has a history of doing so? It is obvious how these actions can harm a company’s reputation.
  • Consider athletics, preparation is essential to success, and all teams must adhere to the rules of the game. There are arbitrators and arbitraries for this reason. Anyone who disobeys these rules will be penalized for breaking the rules of the sport.
  • Highly talented people are expected to maintain healthy levels of self-control; they are able to converse but also feel ready. A wise leader knows when to speak and when to remain silent. Self-constitution and the practise of discipline are encouraged in order to develop a person’s mind and heart.
  • There are two fields: the inner and the outside. Being able to distinguish between right and wrong is known as internal consistency. External regulation is concentrated on societal norms like law enforcement. It needs the discipline to be able to employ exceptional skills; having them is not enough.
  • So frequently, people will experience immediate satisfaction. Those without influence cannot research the long-term effects of their choices. This highlights how crucial this skill is for surviving, making it perhaps the most important component of achieving a goal. You can choose from a variety of options and get the outcomes you want by making specific selections. Additionally, it gives you the power to overcome all obstacles.

To summarise, personal discipline and societal structure are vital on both levels, which is why discipline is important. It assists a person in training his mind to make other people in society cognizant of his mental position. His cognitive activity reflects his personality and viewpoint. Physical and mental discipline are required. Discipline is the anvil for both since it moulds them to be more focused on their goals. With anxiety and depression, a person’s mental and physical health might suffer. Discipline and emotional control can aid in the resolution of such issues. Until now, discipline seemed to have dealt with individual issues.

Purujit Pandey
Discipline and Anti-Ragging Committee

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