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Induction Program: A New Wave

15th of June was an important day that wrote a new chapter for us, students of batch 2017-19, as SIBM officially opened its doors for us. Suited up in business formals, shining like a new penny, we sat across the Convention Hall and the honorable director Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain kicked off the day with a welcome speech which ignited a zealous fire in our fresh blood.

Some of us during Ice-Breaking activity

The assembly witnessed some esteemed speakers as well. The honorable chief guest Mrs. Smita Nair Jain, impressed upon the intricacies of culture at workplace, an important element in HR, and gifted the crowd with a perception that was unique and filled with enriching experiences. It soon came upon the crowd what an Iron Lady she was to have shared her path through the corporate ladder and her efforts in breaking the glass ceiling.

Interactive session by Ms. Smita Nair

The guest of honor, Mr. Raghunandan Rao, shared his own exciting journey of corporate life and a lot more. After the celebratory deliverance by the speakers, the program came to an end by a vote of thanks delivered by our deputy director Dr. K. P. Venugopal Rao and thus ended the first day of our Induction wrapping itself perfectly in drapes of intellectuality and ardency.

On the second day of the induction process we were addressed by our Deputy Director Dr. Venugopala Rao who gave us an introduction of how our college functions, later a briefing by Dr. Satya Prasad, Dr. Rajkumar Pillai, Mr. Nicholas Ross, Dr. Yogita Abhichandani, Dr. Ridhi Rani, Prof. B. Sunil and Dr. C. V. Ramana and the faculty and staff members of SIBM H made us realise that we are in good hands.

Upon the opening of Day 3, we had a very insightful session with Mr. Sanjay Singh, Divisional Director Chief Executive, Paperboards and specialty papers Division, ITC Limited. The session was very enlightening. His wisdom, knowledge, experiences and stories were very inspiring for one and all. His modesty in narrating his childhood and his education had connected very well with the audience. He had thrown light upon his initial work days at Badrachalam, a small town in AP, his career ladder at ITC till date and his responsible post in this conglomerate company. He spoke about how much ITC, a socially conscious company, is contributing to the upliftment of the poor; especially the framers, and ITC’s strive to make this country greener and a better place to live in. The audience had a very interesting interaction too with Mr. Sanjay who had swayed the audience with his brilliance and witty answers to some of our questions.

Session by Mr. Sanjay Singh

Day 4, a Sunday well spent as an outbound activity to deccan trails with Ms Nidhi Bandaru. A lot of activities pertaining to nature and physical fitness was the crux of the day. Teamwork and Determination was appreciated with a lot of adrenaline pumping activities like monkey bar, zipline, etc. A night filled with camping, bornfire, music was something we all cherished.

Other imminent guests such as Mr.V.V. Parasuram and Mr. Abhirama Kirishna too graced us with their wisdom and their experiences. Mr. Abhirama Krishna inspired us by communicating the industries expectations from us. He focused on the importance of values and effective communication, along with various other managerial qualities. The day ended with a Tree Plantation Program for the batch setting it as our good deed for the day.

Sapling plantation by Ms. Smitha Nair, Mr. Raghunandan Rao and the members of SIBM-H

The last day of the induction program brought along a pool of speakers from diverse backgrounds. The dawn broke with a healthy stir with Yoga session triggering a positive invigoration in students’ bodies. The induction session was equally enticing as well. The first speaker Mr. Emmanuel Gosula shared his varied experience and work culture at EPAM. He made a mark on us students about the organization. The second speaker of the day Ms. Lekha Sishta expressed her views on different HR prospects and even shared her own experiences in the workplace and how HR has evolved and what the future managers can expect from the organizations. Her heart touching story about the boy she met who was blind and still topped his college in law made us realize how we need to grab the never-ending opportunities we get.

Digesting two sessions requires a small tea break and so we withdrew for some moments in order to rejuvenate because what was coming up next was financially heavier to digest. The third speaker of the day Mr. Deepak Gupta shared the importance of Investment Banking as a career choice and told us about its never-ending demand and exposure worth going for. The fourth speaker of the day Mr. Vignesh Seetharaman too delivered an enthralling speech and opened some more unknown facts about the corporate life as a whole. And thus, the induction process ended, with the celebration and welcoming of our batch, through an ice-breaking fresher’s party and various other activities and events organized for us. We felt fortunate to be a part of this organization and were excited and looking forward to the next two years of our life at SIBM- Hyderabad.


Erica Ann Fernandes

MBA (2017-2019)

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