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Journey through the Lens

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

College not only teaches us how to improve our intellectual skills but also teaches us to work on our multitasking skills. It is important to keep developing new hobbies in order to learn something new. Photography is one such hobby that can be fun to learn about.

As a member of the junior Pratibimb Team – The Photography Club of SIBM – H, I expect that these two years in this prestigious college will give me ample opportunities to develop my hobby of Photography. Moreover, I have developed quite some skills related to capturing pictures that would be passed on to the upcoming juniors in future. I believe that this club will exemplify my love for photography. I can imagine myself having interesting conversations with my fellow and senior members discussing about photography jargons.

Photography club will generate opportunities for the students to take part in various competitions and will also be able to represent the college through them. I hope I am able to showcase my talent of capturing moments and keep learning more. The college will also conduct sessions on various types of photography that will help the other students learn the basic skills and their practicality in daily lives.

Any hobby if developed further can bring out hidden talents and interests of students that can be put into some use rather than letting it go wasted. This club will hopefully create more interest amongst the upcoming batches of SIBM – H which will increase student participation to be a part of the club. I expect my journey to be a fruitful one and take Pratibimb a notch above.

Madhura Joshi
Member of Pratibimb -The Photography Club

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