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Life at SIBMH

My name is Vivek aditya, I will be wasting the next two lines writing about my Education & Work experience. I’m a Mechanical Engineer by education. I have a 6 long years experience as an Operations Lead working with Google as Client Employee for their Google Maps Product.

Coming to my experience at SIBM Hyderabad. Firstly, I would start about what all I heard before coming to MBA, as I leaving a well settled job, which gave fair amount of money every month. All my friends, relatives were like Are you Mad?, Are you out of your mind!, Are you a kid?, Now you will study?, You will not be able to do study now and what not..!!. However, I was adamant in doing MBA and gave it a shot, which worked well in my favour, which is the very reason I ended up in SIBM Hyderabad.

Secondly, I must admit, though I am confident enough in quitting the job and coming to MBA, I was always having a question at the back of my mind, DID I MAKE A CORRECT DECISION. To my surprise, I was proved wrong by SIBM and I am glad to be proven wrong.

My experience for the last 6 years as an employee was authoritative, highly professional which left me with mixed feelings in joining a Hostel, by the way, this was the first time that I am living in a hostel ever. To my agony, we were informed about three bed sharing at the hostel, which again gave questions, how would I adjust and stuff.
Thanks to Sandeep (My roommate), who later on helped me overcome that and ensured, I feel at home, when I am in hostel.

Coming to Induction sessions, I must say, I was very silent in the sessions, however encountered a little bit of jealous with everyone, who already made friends and were asking lot of questions and so. However, I answered myself, Picture toh abhi baaki hein mere dost..!!.

The most interesting part of SIBMH is that, it made me relive my student life, which I was missing from last 7 years(After Graduation) in a quest for working as a Corporate.

First day at Class
The very first thing which I looked up for in the class is the last bench, which used to be my favorite place, while in Graduation. It feels so lively, to be in a Classroom again with lot of fun happening all around you like listening to lectures, commenting on professors, writing running notes, waiting for the lecture to complete, chewing gums, whatsapping in class, looking out who is sleeping and taking pictures, playing pranks and so. It might feel odd for a person like me with such corporate experience doing all such things in class, however, joining college again is something, which I never thought would happen. Hence, I would not want to leave any pages unturned, which a student life would rather have.

Lastly, I thank SIBMH, from bottom of my heart for giving me an opportunity to write a different page altogether in my book of life. Hopefully, I make some great friends here and have a great knowledge environment around me.

It gives me a great sense of delight and responsibility having the tag as SYMBIAN…!!!!



Vivek Tangirala
Batch 2016-18

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