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Making a Memorable Way

My first day in college…naah, I am not going to talk about my first day in Symbiosis. In fact I am going to talk about the first month that I spent here. It’s been exactly a month when I left my home to come to a new home.

I am writing this article sitting in my hostel room with some sticky notes on my desks, about the assignments and tests. Just to the right of it, I have written “Don’t Give Up! It’s a Climb! Just keep going!” On the other wall, there is another sticky note,” Life is not about waiting the storm to pass, it’s about learning to Dance in the Rain!”And that is exactly what I have learned in the past one month being in Symbiosis.

Lets’ do a tour now. Firstly, let’s go to the canteen!! It is like one big family sitting together for lunch and dinner, chatting, laughing, forgetting about worries and pains…I mean how much better can it get! Everyone leaves the canteen with a smile on her or his face. Not only because they ate something well but they spent an eagerly awaited rejuvenating moment of 30-40 minutes to pour their heart out.

Another stop: Classrooms! Please refrain yourself from taking any pictures beyond this area. Or should I say so? A room full of creativity, ideas, learning, fun, studies, interaction, motivation, delegation, professionalism, competition, co-operation…trust me I can go on and on. It is not a classroom; it is a Classic Room!! It’s like when you enter the room, you get a gift hamper of all the attributes stated above. For me, it is a dream space transforming into reality. Different people with different ideas with different approaches but one single Crux-Learning! Classes never been so interesting.

The next stop, actually there is no next stop…Just exploration!

A place where you will explore yourself. A place where you will define your destiny. A place where you will learn the meaning of being a professional, a place where you will learn to think outside the box, a place where you will learn that there is actually no box!

To be among the best of minds, to laugh with the craziest friends, to play with witty-heads, to live the life. That is what the past whole month was all about.

And trust me. Two years are equivalent to a treasure hunt; to find the best treasure you can ever find.


And don’t forget to enjoy!!

Ciao for now!


Shireen Namjoshi
Batch 2016-18

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