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MBA is Going Beyond Business and Challenging Yourself for Transformation

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MBA is Going Beyond Business and Challenging Yourself for Transformation

Pursuing an MBA degree from a reputed college is every student’s dream. Everyone aspires to enhance their professional skills and get hands-on training on the key business aspects. Every year, we see students enrolling in MBA specializations, filled with enthusiasm and overwhelmed with SIBM’s brand value. For deciding to pursue MBA, it also means that the individual is up for challenges to transform into a leader as they enhance their professional skills. Below is a list of ways in which MBA enables you to embrace challenges and transform yourself:

Be Ready to Become a Creative Thinker

MBA programs will challenge you through a plethora of activities and events which will propel you to use your creative innovation. The classes at SIBM focus on combining core business skills with a high level of experimentation and creativity to encourage students to become world leaders and entrepreneurs. On an educational tour to Cogent Glass Limited (pharmaceutical glass manufacturing plant), the SIBM students saw the whole manufacturing process for both molded and tubular vials from end-to-end. The on the spot activities where the students were to find a solution to hypothetical problems got them on their toes to think creatively and come up with quick solutions.

Gear Up to Voice Out Your Thoughts

In an ever-changing business scenario, entrepreneurs and leaders are expected to think creatively about the strategic issue to come up with a solution for them. SIBM’s MBA classes are highly interactive and the classroom discussions add-on a lot of value with an excellent platform to exchange ideas for students. Faculty members also encourage Symbians to think out loud and listen to each other patiently to have a proper flow of ideas in the most natural ways. This helps us in ensuring a positive learning environment in the class. The All India Seminar of Digital and Automation was a great platform when the IEI, Telangana State Centre conducted a Two-Day All India Seminar on “Digital and Automation Entry into the Future Factories”.

Learn to Apply What You Read

Having the ‘hands-on’ approach to problem-solving is required from every MBA graduate. At SIBM, the MBA program prepares our students to have an experiential learning. The Institute organizes a plethora of opportunities which will help you in establishing and growing your professional network and at the same time, gaining confidence to interact with professionals. Directors and Managers from many reputed corporations visit the campus to interact with the students and answer their queries about various industry practices. Students immensely benefit from the Case-Study Approach that SIBM practices. MBA students are given hundreds of cases to read, analyze and develop an analysis report based on their perspective about the social issues and industrial problems. There are also Value-Added Courses and Enhancement Programs offered by SIBM which aim to take students one step closer to the real-world scenarios and practices in the field of Management.

How to Grow Professionally

Business schools promote education that aspires to revitalize the scope of business education and enhance the links between the university and the industry. SIBM aims to prepare its students for the competitive space ahead and hence, the Institute organizes activities and events frequently to try alternative models of MBA education than relying solely on classroom teaching. To strike a balance between the practical part of the theoretical concepts and classroom sessions, SIBM organizes industrial visits and educational tours. I remember this one special tour when we took the students to visit the Industrial Visit At Mahindra & Mahindra Plant In Zaheerabad , located in the Medak district. The tour was supervised by Dr. Rajkumar Pillay.

Every day at SIBM-H is challenging yet encouraging in terms of knowledge sharing or getting new insights through educational tours, industrial visits, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and so much more. Whether it is an Icebreaking session or guest lectures, the Institute always promotes innovative teaching strategies and approaches to prepare Symbians to develop the right mindset and attitude to transform into a true leader. By providing challenging situations at times, the purpose of MBA schools is to offer an enhanced learning experience to its students which can smoothen their transitional journey from a student to a leader in their field of expertise.

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