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Mélange – A Unique Experience

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19th October 2022

August 6th, 5:40 p.m. A mail notification popped up on my screen, which read, “Mélange – Selection Results,” and the rest is history.

I am glad to be a member of Mélange – The Organizing Committee. It has been incredible two months, starting with the induction event for the BBA students, Symbi Talks, Bollywood Night, and then our very own Ethnic Day. It truly has been a rollercoaster ride!

But what seems fascinating the most is, after the completion of each event, the way the planning ahead for the next event was conducted with a newfound exhilaration. The air of excitement, materializing the innovative ideas, and the fun banter manages to nullify the all weariness from the academic pressure thoroughly.

We have made our share of mistakes, learned from them, and I am pretty sure that we even repeated them a couple more times again. Yet, the dedication that goes into planning even the most minute of things, right from the word go to the final applause on the day of the event, taught me never to fail to aspire for less. Composure, patience, and thinking on my feet have been the common takeaways from the past couple of events.

Nonetheless, here is to a journey ahead filled with the most beautiful of memories, life lessons and bonds that I would cherish forever!

V. Mahima
Mélange – The Organizing Committee
MBA Batch 2022-24

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