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Mélange, The Organizing Committee

23rd December 2022

Do you wish to make your special occasions memorable and be a part of a festival atmosphere of unrestrained joy? If you want to enjoy delicious food, beverages, and dazzling décor at a perfect venue for a reasonable budget, look nowhere else! We, Mélange, the organizing committee, are at your service.

Everyone deserves a break from the hustle culture of long working hours, projects, assessments, and responsibilities, and the organizing committee is here to make that dream fulfilling. The arrangements for the event can be made with the help of an organising committee, making sure of quick and effective delivery of the requirements. The appropriate organising team may make all the difference in putting together a successful event that offers beneficial networking and learning opportunities and is fun to attend. And one such power team we have with us is Mélange. It is said that “When spiders unite, they can tie down a lion”.

Similarly, Mélange’s coordination and integration remain unaffected by its various verticals, each of which functions differently. Mélange covers everything right from out-of-the-box ideology to budget-friendly and seamless execution. We start with scheduling to decide on the kind of event, when it is to be held, and how long should it last, which is followed by assignment delegation among ourselves. We then procure the props and finish necessary bookings, making sure everything is ready well in advance, keeping in mind the approved budget plan. Another crucial element for us is audience participation. Hence it also becomes our responsibility to see to it that the event notice reaches every individual.

It is not always about colours, fun, and parties, but we are also into learning and development. We integrate with other clubs, committees, and cells whenever required to execute the event successfully.

Passion, Flexibility, ability to multitask, and problem-solving ability of team Mélange are what that help the team to be always remembered.

Sai Neeharika Pala

MBA Batch 2022-24

Mélange- The Organizing Committee

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