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Mentorshop on ‘Will My Idea Work?’

Attended Mentorship on ‘Will My Idea Work?’ conducted by Mr. Prasad Vanga, Founder & CEO, Anthill Ventures., conducted at T-Hub, IIIT Campus.

Anxious to know where we stand, opening the doors to enter the world of entrepreneurs.

Interacted with the innovation machines and found ourselves at par with them. This is how our day began.

An amazing speaker, investor, entrepreneur Mr. Prasad Wanga, lead us to the world of pitching your ideas. He being the CEO and the founder of Anthill Ventures took us through his journey. A journey he shared of confidence, failure, yet to keep going, as it is said “The show must go on “. Sir Thomas Alva Edison tried a million time to succeed and he too started small.

On, differentiating start-ups and corporates, corporates compulsorily need a business plan and start-ups need a start-up pitch rather than an elaborated business plan.

Then came the process for fast validation of an innovative idea. Well this idea can be brought in from any source.

Mr. Prasad Wangas’ golden words were “Pitch it right to get it right ” and “Adopt a pull strategy and not a push strategy “.

Such an interactive session made our day.

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