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Mrs. Radhika Maira Tabrez Visits SIBM Hyderabad

On January 26th, Mrs. Radhika Maira Tabrez, author of her debut novel “In the light of darkness”, visited the SIBM-H campus. She was an alumnus of SIBM Pune and was also the first woman president of the student council in 25 years. She interacted with the students of SIBM-H and talked about various topics.

Being an L&D professional for 12 years and then becoming an author, she spoke about her journey and the transition from the corporate world to the art world. She spoke about how the corporate world is not much different from the art world and yet how the people from the art world are different from those of the corporate world, stressing on the importance of passion over earning money.

She also stressed on the fact that how important it is to reach a point where both profession and passion can go hand in hand and how it is not advisable to drop the profession prematurely because of the passion. She also spoke about how placements are an important part in a student’s life and how students must forgo the attitude of “if nothing works out then placements”. She spoke about how one must be clear of one’s own goals and must decide if they’re serious about placements or their own entrepreneurial ideas.

The session ended with the guest Mrs. Tabrez answering the questions of students where she spoke on various topics like dealing with criticism and her opinions on several other topics including the “Award Wapsi” by several authors in 2015. She also spoke about her upcoming books and showed interest in lunching one of her future books in the SIBM-H campus, after expressing great happiness at the way she was received at the campus.

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