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Music – “A Way To Relieve Stress”

30th September 2022

Music has a powerful impact on both the mind and the body. It helps to concentrate and feel more energetic.

Upbeat music boosts the mood and helps people to feel more enthusiastic about life. A slower tempo calms ongoing thoughts and relaxes one’s muscles, making one feel comforted and relieved from the day’s tension. Music is a great way to relax and manage stress.

According to current research, music at 60 beats per minute can lead the brain to synchronize with the rhythm, resulting in alpha brainwaves. When we are comfortable and conscious, we have an alpha brainwave. A person may need to commit at least 45 minutes to relax in a comfortable stance while listening to soothing music. According to Stanford University researchers, “listening to music
appears to be able to affect brain activity to the same amount as medicine.” They also emphasized that music is something that practically anybody can access, making it a simple stress reduction technique.

Native American, Celtic, and Indian stringed instruments, drums, and flutes promote relaxation even when played at a low volume. Rain, thunder, and natural noises may also be calming, especially when combined with other music styles such as light jazz and classical. As every coin has two sides, we can say certain
types of music may calm us while others may not. Encouraging ourselves to listen to irritating relaxation music might increase stress rather than decrease it. Therefore, it’s crucial to realize the kind of music that suits us best; then, only our nervous system can be relaxed and increase our efficiency to perform well in
various tasks.

Salome Rout
(MBA Batch 2022-2024)

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