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OP-A-ROLE – A Core Member’s Reflection

7th November 2022

OP-A-ROLE was an academic event organized by OP$-ERA – The Operations Club of SIBM Hyderabad, for the class of 2022-24. The purpose of the event was to educate them on the concept of the Omni channel, which entails seamlessly delivering the same customer experience across all platforms.

The competition consisted of two rounds, the first of which was an online quiz in which registered candidates competed in teams of three. The quiz consisted of fundamental operations management questions. The first-round quiz was used to determine which three teams would advance to the second round. To maintain the interest of the eliminated candidates, they were provided with scoring sheets to evaluate the top three teams based on the following criteria: Presentation of the Idea, Creativity, and Teamwork. Skills in collective decision-making, body language, information accuracy, and persuasion. The second round consisted primarily of a scenario involving the Omni-channel supply chain. The candidates were required to put themselves in the position of managers and provide a solution to the presented problem. They were given 15 minutes to collaborate on a solution to the problem and were required to do so within the timeframe. Each team was then given seven minutes to present their ideas to the jury and their fellow classmates. Following the presentations, they were asked a few questions based on their output.

The response to the event was positive, and the participants’ enthusiasm was astounding. As they faced questions from the jury and their classmates, they gained a better understanding of real-world scenarios through this experience. Even though the majority of participants were eliminated in the first round, by requiring them to evaluate the finalists based on the given criteria, they were engaged in the discussion, and candidate participation in the evaluation was positive. The overall outcome of the event was to familiarize them with the concept of Omni-Channel management, which is very helpful to know before they choose career paths based on their areas of interest.

Bathala Yaswanth

Op$era – The Operations Club

MBA Batch 2021-2023

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