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Op-A-Role – “A Fun Way To Learn New Things”

30th September 2022

‘Op$-Era’ – the Operations Club of SIBM Hyderabad organized a fun-filled event laden with a few operations concepts during the academic week of 2022. It was an excellent opportunity to hone our technical skills and put our understanding of operations concepts. The event flow had two rounds, the first of which was a technical quiz that evaluated our technical proficiency, teamwork, and efficiency in time management. The second round was even more engaging as we were given practical problems to analyze, which required brainstorming. Following that, we were asked to present our solution and were asked questions on the same. 

Since we were a team of 3 members, it was an excellent opportunity for us to learn new perspectives of looking at a problem and all three of us learned how a problem can be dealt with, how important it is to discuss and decide while making an informed decision, and how effective communication is vital to arrive at a solution to a problem. In a nutshell, it was fun and enlightening, and we came back with some new insights and experiences.   

S R Ramya 

Priyanka K 

Pratyush Nath Jha 

(MBA Batch 2022-2024)

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