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Op-A-Role – “A Way to Learn Problem Solving Skills”

30th September 2022

Op-A-Role the second event of the academic week was a new and surreal experience for all of us. We were all split up into teams at the beginning, and encouraged to work as a team. What impressed us the most was the way they conducted the entire event, right from the planning to its execution.

The event started with a quiz on operations-related concepts. Then, to our surprise they came up with a unique yet operations-related problem that made the event even more interesting. We enjoyed the fact that both team rounds gave us an outline of what it takes to be in a decision-making position.

Problem-solving predominantly entails applying the operations concept in a real-life scenario. It was an exhilarating feeling at the end, and we all got to learn a lot. Also, we made sure that our efforts didn’t go unnoticed. In a nutshell, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and took away many valuable insights about operations.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude towards Op$-Era – the Operations Club of SIBM Hyderabad for conducting such a fun-laden yet informative event for all of us.

Aniket Goel
Sneha Gupta
Himanshu Dogney
(MBA Batch 2022-2024)

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