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Organizing Nukkad Natak

12th December 2022

Nukkad Natak, a street play was organized by Shakti in collaboration with Team Abhinay from Antardhwani to spread awareness regarding the “Prevention of Sexual Harassment” act. A lot of hard work and dedication went into making this event successful, as initially the team faced minor issues regarding the practice location and structure of the play. It is remarkable how the performers responded to changes in the play, as a couple of new characters were introduced just a day prior and yet everyone pulled up the task amazingly well.

From writing the script to enacting the play, both the clubs made sure to depict the harassment faced by women in their daily lives. Within a short span, the team has managed to come up with an act that portrayed the plight of women in different settings. The act was raw and pure in portraying the emotions of women and the discrimination they in work places and many more. It was enlightening to witness a gender inclusive street play where we got to understand that sexual harassment is not just limited to women, and that other gendered persons also face harassment.

There was an immense applause from the audience, when the women in the act finally break the chains of harassment and discrimination and stand up their right. Overall, it was a wonderful experience organizing the Nukkad Natak.

Partha Sarathi Saha

MBA 2022 – 2024

Shakti – The women development and social responsibility cell.

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