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A photography workshop was conducted on the “Basics of Photography” by Pratibimb- SIBM Hyderabad Photography Club on 26th of July,2017 in the SIBM-Hyderabad lecture theatre. The session was conducted by Achal Shah, a prominent member of the club. Having extensive knowledge on the technical aspects as how a DSLR camera works and what constitutes a good photograph, he took the lead. All aspects like aperture to negative spacing to shutter speed that constitutes every budding as well as professional photographer was dealt upon.

The workshop started at 6 PM after the conclusion of the lectures of both the MBA batches. The session was received warmly by the students as they came in good numbers with the eagerness to learn about photography. The workshop was for almost two hours wherein all the questions by those attending were entertained and answered in a very transparent manner by Achal Shah. The presentation was simple, clear and easy to understand.

The workshop concluded with participants clicking pictures to experiment with the knowledge they gained. All those who attended the workshop were delighted and look forward to attending further advanced level workshops in near future.


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