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Quick Takeaways!

Do. Or Do not. There is no try.

Be Patient. Patience is the key to everything, be it achieving your target or be it ensuring your team finishes the job assigned.

Slow and steady wins the race? NO! Grab the opportunity as soon as you are aware of it. Remember Life is a race!

Everybody you meet will turn out to be helpful or a valuable addition to your firm! Networking is the key!

Punctuality! This speaks a lot about you, your approach and interest towards the work! Learn to respect your time, more importantly, the time of others too!

Never let anybody remember you because the money you owe them! Clear your dues well in time! You never know how much in need of money the other person might be in…

Face your challenges with a broad smile!!! Always! I swear this will boost your confidence to a level where everything seems like a bed of roses [with only a few thorns ;)]

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