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Sanskriti ke Navrang: The Colours of Culture

5th October 2022.

SIBM-Hyderabad was all set to celebrate Dussehra, colors of culture so vibrant that each and every corner was blooming with ethnicity. Mélange- The Organizing Committee, hosted “Ethnic Day” to celebrate cultural diversity. Everyone carried the essence of their culture and represented it aesthetically through their attire. The auditorium was flooded with joy and the event kickstarted with a mind-blowing performance by Team Vibe of Antardhwani. The dance took us on a mini tour of India, representing dance forms of almost every part of the country. Another aspect of culture is the language which was the theme of our first game “Kya Bak Raha Hai Be!” where we got to know a wide variety of languages. We certainly can not forget talking about music when we speak of our culture, so next up was a mesmerizing performance by Team Aaroh of Antardhwani.

We are all different in many ways but it’s our culture that unites us. “Block and tackle” revolved around this theme where volunteers were called onto the stage for an inter-regional face-off, defending their respective regions. Then came the moment where Mr. and Miss Best Dressed were announced after a dazzling ramp walk by many contestants. Before the results were declared we had Mr. Vedant Badaya, who recited beautiful poetry and left the audience emotional. The event was brought to the penultimate segment where our very own glamorous team Panache of Antardhwani left us jaw-dropped with the essence of culture carried through their walk and apparel. Lastly, we had our winners for Mr. and Miss Best Dressed through an online poll and they graced the ramp once again with their walk.

The icing on the cake was “Musical Night” where everyone shook their leg to the music, enjoyed to the fullest and the event ended on a high note!

Divya Kathotia

Mélange – The Organizing Committee

MBA Batch 2022-24

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