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Sensitization on prevention of Sexual harassment

21st December 2022.

Sexual harassment and its awareness has become a vital part in today’s environment especially for women.

SIBM-H held an informative guest lecture on the aforementioned issue in partnership with Shakti – Women Empowerment Cell, with speakers including Dr. Rama Devi, a member of the Child Welfare Committee, and Ms. Kamaxi Sambari, a focused Academician.

I had the honour of covering this event for Pratibimb – The Photography Club of SIBM – H.

Ms. Sambari opened her address by explaining the POSH law, and discussing how it’s consequences are on both men and women in the workplace. She addressed how and why it occurs in the workplace. She then explained how we as workers can, and should do in these kind of situations by using real-life instances.

Dr. Rama Devi then addressed the students about sexual harassment at workplace for women and highlighted on the prevention, prohibition and redressal act 2013. She emphasised the significance of ICC and why it is vital for young students like us to be aware of our options and how to utilise them effectively, emphasising that intention comes second and impact comes first.

It was a highly effective seminar, and young students like us learned a lot about such a difficult issue and how to cope with it. I thank my club – Pratibimb for giving me this opportunity to capture the event, and also a gain a lot from it.

Jeema Harshan

MBA Batch 2022 – 24

Pratibimb – The Photography Club

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