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Shutter Star

14th July 2022

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
-Ansel Adams

The Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad, consists of various clubs and committees. One of them being “Pratibimb – The Photography club of SIBM-H.” As the commencement for the new batch of 2022-24, Pratibimb organized an induction event called “Shutter Star.” All juniors were invited to this thrilling, enjoyable, and lively event. The event took place on July 14, 2022, at Lecture Theatre.

After the pandemic, the club took a huge responsibility to organize an offline event where many participants participated and helped to make this event successful. The event consisted of 2 rounds. For round 1, the students were divided into groups of 4 people each, and were given the task of clicking pictures of any object or person looking like an alphabet from A-Z in a span of half an hour. For round 2, the same team had to click a maximum of 5 pictures from which the team had to depict a story followed by a tagline.

As the event started, we were all excited to showcase our creative side. Although Round 1 seemed like a cakewalk in the beginning, we later realized it wasn’t. Clicking pictures of skies or scenic beauties is one thing, but taking pictures that represent alphabets is another. We roamed around the whole campus searching for views that could match with any of the alphabets. A few of the alphabets like I, O, T, Q, E were easy to find but other alphabets were giving us a hard time. 

Amidst capturing some alphabets which were hard to find, we realized that while completing our tasks, the event also made us explore and we got to see the best of nature. This was not just an event for us but also for us to get to know the campus in a better way. There couldn’t have been a better activity than this. Round 2 was all about putting our creative hats on.

Creating a story through 3-5 pictures led us to brainstorming different ideas regarding what the story should be about and what pictures to capture for the same. This activity gave us an insight of how pictures should be in order to tell a story through it.

Photography not only teaches us patience to capture the right moment but also teaches us to be more creative. Shutter Star gave us all and we had a great time participating in it.

Sonal Kumari and Madhura Joshi
(MBA Batch 2022-24)
Pratibimb – The Photography Club

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