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Sitting at my window, looking at the wonderful skyline while the sun bids adieu, I closed my eyes trying to sink in the feel. As I closed my eye, the flashback suddenly starts and before I could do anything it stunned me!

A place far from home, in the middle of nowhere. A place I was skeptical about. A place filled with unknown people. Everything about it looked a difficult proposition.  But all my doubts were squashed in a matter of days. The place warmly took me into its grasp and made me one of its very own. I never imagined the transition would be so easy and wonderful.

It’s been over two Semesters since I have been here and I can now surely say the place has completely got me in its control. People from more than 20 different states, their different backgrounds, different religions all live on the same campus as one big family! Some people have become so close, they actually teach you what friendship is all about. The fun we have, the times we share makes it hard to miss home.

The events, the activities and the studies would never be so much fun before coming here. It’s been an amazing experience so far, one completely worth everything. And the best part about it all is, it is just the start of a new journey!

Heril Shah
Batch 2015-17


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