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SIBM-H an Experience

Oh Man! Wow, it was a crazy.
If you think that I am going to narrate my experience after a roller-coaster ride then I would say you are correct but not absolutely. Life at SIBM- H is nothing less.
An insane fun-filled ride. It has sharp turns which will bring chills to your spine they are the activities we do. Genesis & Amitie have signified the true meaning of Symbiosis. Then this ride has steep slopes which we experience during our lectures where. surprise test or an extra class makes our mind drift and heartbeats trip!!
SIBM- H has been a beautiful journey so far. Placed in the sanctum heart of nature where winds call you to explore this wild brae, where clouds present innumerous hues. With friends like family and teachers like guardians SIBM-H is truly a home away from home.



Khyati Mishra
Batch 2015-17

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